I don’t watch or read much news except for the items that completely align with my value system. And, I’ve not been a fan of Pittsburgh Mayor Peduto since that day, a few years ago, accidentally reading a column that he wrote about the need to redistribute wealth due to the reported unfair conditions that many Pittsburgh humans experience. My jaw literally dropped to the ground. Add to that his direction to Pittsburgh Police to ignore the homeless and their drugs and to permit them to occupy the parks in which we walk our dogs, and I was simply floored. Oh yeah, and his STUPID bike lanes on Penn Avenue in the downtown district. LOL. I don’t align with any political party, but it is very safe to announce that I do not align with the Peduto Party.

Until Thursday!

On that epic day, he signed into law a mandate “that makes it illegal to use a whip, electric prod or elephant hook on any wild or exotic animal in Pittsburgh.” – Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Freaking awesome.

Awesome blossom.

The article made me roll my eyes with the statement of Natalie Ahwesh, VP of Humane Action Pittsburgh: “I think this just really solidifies Pittsburgh’s position in history as a progressive city, a compassionate city, and everything we strive for.” No, it does not. It simply means that one human made an ethical decision by which every human should stand.

Come on, even as a child, I hated the circus. It seemed stupid to me, to sit there and to watch animals in jewels on parade. I knew nothing about animal activism or animal rights, but I hated it. And I hated that Barnum and Bailey elephant that we brought home. Of course the Shrine Circus who has a contract with Pittsburgh Paints Arena is in a tizzy about this because federal law says one thing but Peduto Law takes it to another extreme. Oh well. Go big or go home, Shrine! Those little sweet elephants will be divinely happy, and that’s what matters to me.