I shall make this short and sweet because I have so much to do tonight, but I need to speak my peace. But is it really PEACE in this example? Or is it PIECE OF FREAKING MIND? Because NONE of this scenario seems peaceful but rather NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR by George Orwell. Hello, Big Brother, so nice to see you today. Whatever is the case, it is bullshit. I listened to much of Zuckerberg’s testimony with Congress today, and I could hear Ayn Rand rolling in her grave. He did an EXCELLENT job. EXCELLENT. Is it ironic that he was born in 1984? I am so proud of this man who created Facebook in his dormitory and turned it into the most successful company ON EARTH. Sure his liberal yahoo political ideas are stupidAF in my opinion, but he is a genius with regard to his product, to his business, and did NOT deserve to waste his time today, dressed handsomely, answering questions from fat sweaty pigs. This is the kind of moment of when Francisco comes to take you to Galt’s Gulch, dear Zucks. I cannot freaking believe that Congress is suggesting that you are a monopoly!! You are an anomaly!! I cannot believe that Congress is suggesting that your terms of service are too complicated!! What service on Earth offers a non-complicated terms of service? I seriously felt as though I were listening to the looters from Atlas Shrugged who were running the State Science Institute. What happened to personal responsibility? My head spins. Thank you for giving Facebook to the world. If Facebook did not exist, then quality of life on Earth would be lessened. You are a gem, and for you, I am grateful. Thank you, Zucks. Namaste!