Super congratulations to my divine, ever-so athletic friends who ran the Pittsburgh Marathon today! Yay! One girlfriend ran her thirteenth half, and her boyfriend ran, too, completing his first! Hip hip hooray!

Gwendolyn and I cheered for all of you, and if we spy a sexy cute running outfit for next year (I’m thinking very short red shorts with a purple lining around the base and a black tank top that reads “kicking asana and taking names”), we might run to raise money for some cute dogs. That’s not a promise, that’s a maybe. A very shy maybe. But a maybe! Yay!

Oh happy marathon weekend!!

It certainly was such. Here are the details of mine. 🙂

Friday began by fetching a marathon packet for a friend. This meant walking into the convention centre into a sea of skinny runners! To be surrounded by the energy was awesome!!

I asked him to smile. 🙂

Cute mock bridges.

Of course I spotted something that I wanted, and it just-so happened to be the only yoga thing at the expo. “Run your asana off” by Run Intended.  Soooo cute. They didn’t have a small, so the owner gave me her information so that I can order one! Yay!

I did it! I figured out how to fetch a running packet. So pretty and blue! 🙂

Next up: Greta Garbo. You know all about that already. 🙂


@Eden by Hilary Zozula… it’s my newest food addiction!

Mommy and Daddy enjoyed their very first shots of wheatgrass. I sold them by citing its high content level of chlorophyll and its affect on killing cancer and arthritis.

Guess who also loved her shot of wheatgrass.

Blogging, behind the scenes…

Mother of Honour!

After brunch, we needed a big fat nap. We chose the hardwood for our sleeping spot. How divine to stretch the spine!

Followed by a divine girl date at the opera!!!! We saw Daughter of the Regiment, and it simply blew me away! Energetic. Hilarious. Happy! The prima donna, played by Lisette Oropesa… WOW. I wanted to shake her hand afterward! Such an amazing sound from such a physically small person. It was a perfect perfect perfect opera. Afterward? Butcher and the Rye with my gorgeous girl date!


Hers. She’s on a cleanse, so Butcher concocted a very pretty virgin cocktail! See! Everyone can have fun, even when cleansing. And it was so funny to me, because normally I’m THAT GIRL on a special cleansing something. I am so happy for her cleanse because it’s just so good for the body. A refresh! A step backward from the crazy. A very good thing to do.

Oh yes, here are the pre opera pictures of the outfit!

Gotta throw some yoga into every scenario! I know, so blurry. But too important to me, not to include in this post!

And lastly, we have marathon Sunday. Sound the trumpets! We revelled in the glory of cheering for runners. No pictures, as I was too focused on ensuring that nobody stomped on Gwendolyn!! So, I’ll share with you a few pictures from Pittsburgh Marathon pasts…

2012, watching from Station Square. She wooed at me.

And Pittsburgh 2013.

On this Marathon Sunday, we also practiced Tae Bo and Yoga, marking our one-week anniversary of studying the Ashtanga system.

Marathon weekend is not over. There exists so much to do. But I just wanted to share these special moments with you.

Congratulations again to the amazing runners!!!!!!!!! You inspire me sooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Have a good day, and namaste.