This is a story about Love. And Basketball. And Pie.

Strolling along with an old friend on last Sunday night, we looked to the moon, commenting on its beauty. I exclaimed, “It looks like a pizza pie!” He replied, “Only you would compare the moon to food.” Sharply, I offered, “Yeah, me and Dean Martin!” One point in my court.

So later in the week, on Pi Day, this passionate about numbers girl couldn’t forego the celebration. But what pie did I want? Calling Whole Foods, I confirmed that all of their fruit pies are vegan. Ya! So I’d have cherry. But eh. I’m not really a pie girl. Haven’t had pie in years. Why waste the calories? And then I remembered. The moon. The pizza pie. Yes, I would have a pizza pie!

But who can have pizza without wine?

Not this girl!

My story of pie is significant for two reasons. Firstly, I haven’t eaten pizza in four years. One of my big time bad foods, it was culprit to my 11 years of Bulimic living. So I eliminated it when eliminating the Bulimia. Bye bye. Gonzo. But the food control is so different nowadays, a lot due to yoga, that I was cool with the prospect of it. And it stretches!!! Who can pass up something stretchy and vegan? 😉

Ah, yes, and as the gorgeous packaging suggests, I have fallen in love again! With pizza!

The second reason for the significance of this pie selection is that I have never before used my oven! Let me tell you! It was scary, and I was nervous! From the “how long does this take to pre-heat” to “I hope this thing doesn’t get dirty” to “how the hell do I shut it off,” it was quite a ride! Like watching the Eat ‘N Park Christmas tree lighten after achieving its star, I was a little girl on Christmas morning!

Gwendolyn rested nicely during my chef duties…

Until she heard the snap crackle pop of the oven! “Woo!”

A totally foreign sound to her, she didn’t know what to think!

So we watched together.

And then she returned to her position on the chaise from where she supervised the remainder of my intense cooking project.

Target temperature achieved! I was VERY proud of myself.

Look at this gorgeousness!

Maybe I should go into the pizza business. LOL.

So crispy! So cheesy! So perfect!

With red sauce, too. That’s huge. This Italian girl needs red sauce for her pizza.

Served atop a Ralph Waldo Emerson literary cocktail plate, of course.

Sorry, fish. 🙂 I love you, too!


+ Pizza…

= Happy!

Some of us. 🙂

One more pizza picture. I promise. Rarely will you see me putting food in my mouth on camera.

So the next part of this story is about the film. Choosing Spike Lee’s ‘Love and Basketball’ to accompany the pizza, I fell in love all over again with the beautiful beautiful beautiful story. It’s the film that introduced me to artists like Al Green, MC Lite, and Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock. It’s the film that I watched over and over and over again with my girlfriends in the freshman dormitory. I’m very glad we picked this film over the chemistry books.

The most intense love scene in cinematographic history, in my opinion, happened during this movie. And it happened with the eyes. At the spring dance, Q sees Monica…

And oh my goodness…

An intimate exchange with the eyes is very exciting. This film follows their characters from childhood to adulthood, notably on their love for each other and their love for basketball. Very cool, I never tire of it, and I recommend it highly for anyone who is passionate about anything. You’ll totally love it.

So! ‘Twas another fun night in the food and movie world, and I hope you liked the story. Have a good day, and namaste!!

What is your favourite pie?