I want NEW BREASTS because after posting of my infamous July 2011 article entitled “Bulimic Breasts,” I gained back all of the weight, only to lose it again, and now I am left with an interesting scenario.

The final picture in that old 2011 blog article presented my current breasts of that moment in time. They were gorgeous mounds of perkiness. NOW, in 2017, they are tinier mounds of EXTRA perkiness. Why this improved state? Because I am smaller and fitter than my 2011 self. And, somehow, when I lost the subsequent weight gain, they shrunk back up. THANK GOODNESS GRACIOUS.

However, because of the yo-yo weight fluctuations during those next five years, and perhaps because of age (mind you I was recently carded for lottery tickets!! – but the clerk could not see my breasts), my breasts now feature little stretch marks. And seeing these little stretch marks whilst cycling with Jennifer Jacobs and Jessica King who have GORGEOUS BREASTS makes me want to schedule an appointment with the surgeon ASAP.

Everything about my body is PERFECT except for this little thing that irks me, requiring me to wear higher-topped bras and to snap selfies several times when I see a stretch mark!! It is annoying AF. Because I know that I cannot change it myself. But there shall be no surgery because if complications in surgery happen, Gwendolyn will be depressed. I am her everything. And she is mine!


Today I posted a flashback to that original post, Bulimic Breasts. And OH MY GOODNESS, did it earn the most amazing of commentary. I want to share those commentaries with you.

First, herein is a screen shot of my Facebook post.

This makes me LAUGH!!

Do you notice the advertisements to the right of my post? Apparently I love SPINNING and SKINNY DOGS! Ha!

Comment by my Peloton Friend Rita:

I love this honesty. Who we are inside is the most important thing! I no longer have breasts from breast cancer. I no longer struggle with food because I don’t have that luxury. As women, I hope we can all love our bodies for what they do. And honor them for so much more than how they look. How can we provide a safe space for people to explore when they are experiencing self hating behaviors?

Comment by my Peloton Friend Rachel:

I love you because you are an open book. You are an inspiration. ❤️

Comment by high school and college friend Christopher:

It’s nice to see this story come back to life. I had even forgotten my own comments from six years ago! I know I don’t post many comments, but know every day, every post, every yoga pose I’m here rooting for you.

Comment by my DEAR DEAR DEAR friend and TRIBE member Mary:

Comment by my Peloton Friend Colleen:

The beauty of healing is so evident in your journey!

Comment by my Peloton Friend Susan:

Although I am not bulimic I do understand the breast issue. I have been heavy my whole life and have the breasts to prove it. I wish I could get them reduced and lifted so that for once in my life I could feel good about them. I wear a proper sized bra now but wish everyday I look in the mirror that they looked how I am starting to feel. I have lost 55 lbs through better diet and my peloton. I am doing it the right way this time for me. I slip up every now and then and eat things I shouldn’t but I forgive myself for it and work harder to make healthy choices. Thank you for sharing. You truly are an inspiration.


Hold the phones. If that feedback is not powerful then I do not know what is powerful!

I am privileged out of my mind to have this wealth of data for discussing of sensitive items with humans who are going through STUFF. I am so proud of the stuff that I wrote, over the past seven years. And, as you might be able to tell, I have canceled my Google AdSense contract as I could not post these sorts of items, under their ruling. Thus, I make no money from this blog. But this blog is the greatest product of patience. Patience is a virtue. And when I publish my book, it shall be the greatest supplement on Earth. It will show you the behind-the-scenes. The how I came to be the most perfect version of me. The hustle. The hard work.

I am privileged to exist on Earth at this time.


What part of your physical body do you want to change?