On Friday, following of his appalling speech to university students in Illinois, I declared that Obama is a disgrace. Well, please permit me to kindly revise my statement. I’ve never liked the guy, and I only tuned into the first few minutes of his speech because Fox News aired it live on Facebook, but, as I was also walking my Gwendolyn, I switched it off because it was rendering me into a walking slumber which is quite unsafe! In fact, when he joked about needing time off to keep his marriage going with Michelle, I cringed at the thought of either of them in the intimate role. Who wants to be intimate with someone who is a whiny cry baby, and in Michelle’s case, who is a fashion mess with an unladylike demeanour? That said, after the speech, I saw clips on Fox News of his disgustful commentary on President Trump, and I immediately announced, “Obama is a disgrace.” It was hilarious to then learn of President Trump’s reaction: “I fell asleep.” Ha ha ha!

Obama stated that “the powerful and the privileged” want to keep us as “divided.” Excuse me, but we’ve always been divided. It’s only now that it’s discussed because President Trump rocked silent America to the polls. And, the silent America of subject? When under the administrations of weak presidents like Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama, we stayed as just that: SILENT. Because we are graceful, respectful, and sophisticated. It is only the whiny loud-mouthed Democrats who are the issue here.

Who else is a cry baby? Serena Williams!

And I bet she’s a Democrat.

It’s ironic that she had her outburst and public display of disrespect for the rules, the umpire, and for the Chinese champion (or wherever she is from). SERIOUSLY. And liberal news sources are defending her, stating that the game was long dominated by white men who also broke the rules, and now Serena is being chastised for rage. Um, does anyone else see something completely wrong with this? It is total racism but against white people, and it is total sexism, but against men!

Why is this so so so ironic? Because my Friday blog post was scheduled to be about Williams and that because of her skin colour, she was exempt from any criticism by my white liberal bestie, but I was too busy so never published it. So now I shall tell it to you.

On the first of September, I was greeted by my Wall Street Journal which featured the Williams sisters on the cover. And I exclaimed, “Ew. Their skin is so gross! And they’re total fat hogs.” Mind you, I would have said this about a white person, too! It never even crossed my mind that they were black. Hell, they could have been purple, and I probably would not have noticed. And because my bestie and I always discuss fat sausage bodies in tight dresses, and people with bad skin, and people who are not appealing to us, I mentioned the gross skin of the Williams sisters. And she was offended. “What do you mean?” she said. I explained it to her, and she just said, “Well they’re out in the sun all day.” And I said, “And their huge bodies? What do you think of this? They’re obviously having a chow down too many each day.” And she replied, “They are strong and sturdy.” But if this had been a white girl who looked like Hercules, she would have called out their hugeness. Totally hypocritical. I love her madly but totally hypocritical.

Democrats and liberals blow my mind away!

I am glad that we can come to agreement on the love of our dogs.

And I bet Serena Williams is a Democrat. Not because she is black. Not because she is fat. But because she is a cry baby.

What do you think of Williams’s outburst?

Namaste. 🙂