It’s quite simple, actually.

One must harvest an insatiable desire to give! That’s so VERY me.

And one must WANT chips! That’s so NOT me.

Except it was, on Martin Luther King Jr., Day. Four days ago. In accordance with my very off-the-wall chip craving, I wanted EVERYTHING Mexican. Chips!, salsa!, guacamole!, and, most notably, MARGARITAS. All stuff that I haven’t wanted for YEARS.

But, on this particular MLK Day (what a wonderful holiday and reason to celebrate with unique culinary fare), I was NOT able to drink alcohol. In the middle of a seven-day alcohol fast, alcohol WAS NOT permitted. Furthermore, the liquor store was closed in Pennsylvania, so I was stuck up the river sans paddle, even if I wanted to break my cleanse (which I didn’t and wouldn’t). Thus, I went with delicious food and no margaritas. And OMG it was so divine. We complimented dinner with “Match,” one of the most dramatic, funny, heart-wrenching real stories about ballet, sex, and love that I’ve watched in a long time. It was a perfect Monday. And here’s the full story, in pictures and a little bit of words… 😉

The Full Chip Story

I had reason to venture northbound on MLK Day, so I stopped at my favourite health-food-nut location in the world, Naturally Soergel’s by Amy Soergel. Seriously, a food nut could absolutely have a coma in the store, becoming overwhelmed with the deliciousness within. I love it all: the employees, the food, the intelligence, the naturalness, the health! Oh la la you must experience it, if you’re a Pittsburgh person. The chip section caused my heart to stop momentarily with its BEAUTY.

The MLK Day party finalists.

The Earth-friendly shopping bag, and its glorious contents, at home.

The baby, on the verge of saying “woo.”

The chips!

I actually painted my nails for this blog post. Imagine my frustration waiting for the polish to dry!

The most naturally gorgeous chips you’ll ever experience in your life. 😉


The prettiest and cleanest of salsas.

And, who can eat chips without extra salt? Sorry, low Na readers:)

A perfect assembly of ingredients for a PERFECT MLK day dinner.

Gwendolyn got hungry.

Remember that bag? (by Naturally Soergel’s)?

I don’t think Gwendolyn considered the bag.

So passionate!


What a picture!

My raw, organic, cold-pressed juice is very dramatic.


But back to the original point of this post…

How to give with one’s mouth.

1. Put chip into mouth.

2. Allow dog to connect.

3. Give it away. 🙂

Have a good day, and namaste. 🙂

What do you want to give with you mouth?