Rule # 1: Permit your dog to pretend that it’s the day before HER birthday!!!!!!!!!

Rule # 2: Have as much fun as humanly possible. 🙂

And that we did.

It began with a breakfast. Please note, the cute paw. And, the Whole Foods bag of delicious things.

Inspector Gwendolyn checking it out, before arrival of the guests.

More investigating necessary!

Setting the gorgeous Brazilian placemats! (actually napkins, but I think they look nicer as mats).

I am such a divine chef. 😉 Meaty items for my parents. Tofu burrito for me!


Three generations.

Vegan birthday cupcakes!!!!!!!!! Absolute gorgeousness. And someone couldn’t control herself. Ha ha ha.

So I grabbed her!

And then I allowed her to go buck wild. After all, we’re pretend-celebrating the day before Gwendolyn’s birthday, right? 😉

I do think she gets her eating passion from me. 🙂

After my parents departed…

Next, off to a birthday BATH!

Precious Pets, Sewickley. The only groomer that I’ll ever trust with my dog. <3

I’m VIP, so they let me come into the back to give kissy kissies to Gwendolyn.


Gwendolyn knows that we’re celebrating her.

Gift moocher:)

Early evening, because the weather was soooo divine, say upper 50s, someone pretty wanted to go go go!

We saw pizza!

Hot Franks:)

Popcorn at the Pittsburgh Public Market! I have yet to decide if this is a socialist organisation worthy of checking out, but the energy was simply amazing!!

The popcorn guy thanked her, saying it was less for him to clean up! And, after all, we’re pretending it’s my DOG’s birthday, and birthday DOGS get popcorn, right? 😉

Now,  here’s something serious and significant. Get your serious spectacles on.

Every. Single, Outdoor. Restaurant. Section. Was. OPEN. Most specifically, the gentlemen at Luke Wholey’s Wild Alaskan Grille attempted to LURE us onto the patio for bloody mary’s, also confirming, at my questioning, if they’d do dirty gins. If this had been a year ago, even six months ago, my dog and I would have gotten sloshed at this restaurant. One martini would have turned into two. And we’d have stumbled home, pissed off that we couldn’t elegantly enjoy the bottle of red that we bought for this day-before celebration. Instead, we politely said no to the Wholey Devil, continuing onward on our glorious warm winter walk. 🙂

*** Note: We ventured across the street to snap this picture because we didn’t want to seem ungrateful for their oh-so-passionate invitation!!

Strut strut strut like a model. 🙂

A sweet, yet saucy smile, during her exercise. Like a model. 😉

And then, it’s time to chill out.

This wine caught my eye because of the elegant, dainty Argentinian beauty.

The spelt-out perfection factor wasn’t even learned until uncorking time.

Quimera: The perfection we dream of and strive for.

The search for an ideal wine.


Gwendolyn cared NOT about this part of the day.

Mommy, amused.

Enjoying some wine with a gorgeous film.

Happy birthday, Gwendolyn… even though we’re just pretending. 😉

Have a good day, and namaste. 🙂 🙂 🙂