Want to know how I lost 20 pounds since February? Simply put, I removed chocolate from my diet, replacing it with raw nuts. It’s true that humans are created as equal. Calories, on the other hand, are not created as such. I’ve lost over 50 pounds since starting this yoga blog 18 months ago, over 60 pounds since my fattest in 2013. And replacement of the chocolate is what soared my body into healthy skinny girl overdrive.

Let’s examine this further.

Cookies bigger than my head worked SOOOO well for me. I could finally eat “naughty” foods with discipline, something unheard of during my bulimic days. And the daily afternoon treat from the chocolate shop was my go-to for that 3pm energy. The existence of processed sugar mattered not. A calorie was a calorie. And I wanted pumped up!

Implementing my Gorgeous Abs plan in February, I never really expected to change THAT much (I’m 33, therefore “old;” have screwed up my metabolism with 16 years of disordered eating; and will never ever look hot in a bikini again!), but then in early March, I read something about losing those last ten pounds. A friend wrote of the danger of complacency and that because of inertia, the unbroken remains unbroken… and comfortable… but never gets amazing.

Of course I applied this to my body.

And of course I put his 10 pound chocolate hypothesis to test.

This meant no more chocolate. No more cookies bigger than my head. No more delicious frosted vegan cupcakes. No more blueberry pies. I replaced these processed “treats” with healthy “treats.” Specifically? Raw nut bars by Two Moms in the Raw.

And it worked. 

June 2014…

This morning.

When my sister asked recently, “Should I lose 10 pounds unhealthfully in one month? Or should I lose 20 pounds healthfully over the course of several months?” I felt so honoured because it meant that my writing and bloggies have affected her calories-in minus calories-out mindset (her brain is a spitting image of how mine previously existed).

Of course I answered to her, “Do it healthfully. And I shall help!”

As you can see, this healthy living project is a longgggggggg work in progress. When you feel inert, change it up! Spend the morning with Jane Fonda instead of Billy, as much as we all love Billy! Go for a run instead of trekking on the bike. And if you’re lucky enough to live in California, go surfing!! Holy cow, I want to go surfing so badly.

Oh yea. Stop eating processed junk. Replace those calories with wholesome, delicious, made-from-scratch, real FOOD. And, take lots of pictures of your body. You’ll love to observe your changes!

When I started this blog, it was NOT with intention to lose weight. The intention was to find my yoga. Losing weight was just a super bonus! And I’ve gotten into soooo many different activities as a result of being thin and enjoying life in my skin for the first time ever.

And now it’s time to buy a fabulous bikini. Something dark green and black with strings. 🙂

Have a good day, and namaste!