happy labour day!!!!!!!!!  whilst the united states celebrates economic and social achievements of workers, i am celebrating another holiday spent without bingeing and purging, otherwise known as holiday bulimic hell!

holidays were always the bad days, worse than sundays.  but now they’re the good ol’ days!  yeah!  🙂  enjoy the photos of yesterday’s oh-so-fun adventure!

but, don’t let our smiles fool you.  last week was a tough week in this post bulimic life.  it will take the next four days of blog entries to describe the turmoil.  so, please stay tuned for a week of intense bulimic blogging.

until then, happy labour day!  🙂

how are you celebrating?  and what are you eating today?

hello from the train trestle at mile marker 27 of the montour trail!
ohhh la la! we are admiring an abandoned lower level train tunnel!
adventure mommy and puggle! we’re determined to snap photos of the lower level abandoned train tunnel!
photo snapping = success! 🙂
emerging through the higher level train tunnel turned bicycle trail. whew! it was a humid ride but so lovely! 🙂
sleepy puggle. 🙂 happy labour day. love, nicole and gwendolyn

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