In pictures…

pre-kayaking breakfast!
Words do absolutely no justice to this photograph. 😀
And we’re off!
(vegan) Cheese! 😀
Puggle head. Pittsburgh landscape. Gorgeous! 😀
She turned around, facing upstream!… (like her mommy does with life!). 😀
Bonjour 🙂
Un-forecasted rain!!! I like how our legs look in this photograph. 🙂
Cute puggle. Fab Pittsburgh skyline. Smudged camera from rain. 🙂
Two hours later… camera still smudged… so happy! 😀

We LOVED this experience so damn much that we joined the Venture Outdoors Club!!!  😀  Maybe this means I won’t get fat next winter!!!  Yahoo!  They offer snow-shoeing (with dogs), wine hikes (with dogs), and bicycle adventures (with dogs), just to name a few of the many fantastic adventures!!!  And perhaps there will be a cute early 40s man on the treks of subject (with dogs).  :):):)

What is your favourite water activity?  Is it for fun?  For practicality? Or for the calorie burn?  :):):) Thank you for joining our adventure! 

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