Her tumors have responded to Dr. Maro’s natural healing techniques, and we thusly canceled yesterday’s surgery. At examination, Dr. Maro exclaimed, “It’s a March first miracle!”

The plan is to continue with treating Gwendolyn’s masses with NAET, Nano Vita Light Therapy, and anti-cancer Chinese herbs. I am incredibly lucky to have Dr. Maro in my life. When she talks to me, I feel privileged. She is simply the best. Her work is the definition of perfection. The utopic veterinarian. OH. Perhaps that should be her Social Media character. @TheUtopicVet. If I had time, I would offer to film her work and run her social media channels. There’s nothing like it out there. Dr. Maro cannot be duplicated, and her wealth of knowledge should be available for the world on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Damn. What a fabulous brain. And her heart is enormous, too.

A few months ago, when treating Gwendolyn for a torn cornea, I overheard Dr. Maro’s conversation with another client, discussing about how this client’s dog’s leg required amputation or else the tumor would spread. Something told me that the little old lady could not afford an amputation, and Dr. Maro said that she will pray and put this into God’s hands. It shocked me to hear a scientist speak in such a manner. It was completely beautiful. Here is another picture from yesterday’s appointment. Pictured with Dr. Maro is Connie. They’re like the Batman and Robin of the veterinary world. LOVE.

Gwendolyn rested so peacefully after her day of good news and additional holistic treatment.

And now, because my last name is Story and I do tell quite a divine story, I shall take you for a divine time warp. Or two. Or three. The first warp shall venture to just before the appointment with Dr. Maro. Gwendolyn sat so sweetly at my side, paw on my leg.

It’s been seven hours and fifteen days

Since you took your love away

I go out every night and sleep all day

Since you took your love away

Since you been gone I can do whatever I want

I can see whomever I choose

I can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant

But nothing

I said nothing can take away these blues

‘Cause nothing compares

Nothing compares to you

Nothing compares

Nothing compares to you

Nothing compares

Nothing compares to you

LOL! Doesn’t her bad ass haircut make you want to sing some Sinéad O’Connor, too? 🙂 After the appointment we ventured for a little walk, discovering the cutest coffee shop, National Grind Coffee Shop. It was packed with old people having a grand ol’ time at eleven o’clock in the morning. AND MIGHT I PLEASE ADD? BEST COFFEE THAT I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. PERIOD.

Time warp two. This shows how we party on Surgery Eve. Yoga.



Something about Monday’s holistic treatment by Dr. Maro introduced a new pep into Gwendolyn’s step.



Nap during my shower.

And then the real party got started. At quarter past nine o’clock, we took off, like space girls in a rocket ship, to our favourite sushi restaurant, Jimmy Wan’s! Why do we drive so far for sushi? Because Jimmy is the best. His team is the best. And the sushi is the best. We only do the best. My best regards and gratitude to Chef Aki and manager James!

AND I MET A REALLY CUTE MAN IN THE PARKING LOT OF JIMMY WAN’S. I’m normally not a small car kind of gal, but his Porsche was radiant, and he drove it like would a MAN. Gwendolyn and I pranced back to my vehicle after visiting the grass patch, and he exclaimed, “Is that a pug?” I replied, proudly, excitedly, “She is a puggle! Pug x beagle. (actually pocket puggle but that’s TMI for a meet cute, ha ha). And she’s having four tumors removed tomorrow.” He asked if he could pet. Of course. And Gwendolyn jumped all over the man. Showering him with kisses. He reminded me of a very modern Brandon Walsh of 90210. SexyAF.

Upon returning home, I fed Gwendolyn. We had a midnight deadline for her feeding.

Her usual raw meat + goat milk + Essiac Tea (see prior blog post for details on this new part of her diet – I am consuming it, too). Also add Chinese herbs (little pills hidden inside of meat).

She is very passionate about everything, particularly about food.

The sweetest little tongue on Earth.

And now for her pre-surgery treat. Mixed steamed vegetables from Jimmy Wan’s!

Fish stick!


My gorgeous dinner.

Note the time of 11:03. This is my regular time to sit for a martini, which I did as pictured above. The sushi was shuffled into the refrigerator, along with Gwendolyn’s remaining vegetables, to be served with my sushi. * Also note: I do not eat “Vegenaise” – I find mayonnaise to be gross, even the vegan counterpart. These are the jars in which Becky gifted my Essiac Tea until my bulk supply could arrive by parcel.

And note the next time, please. It is before midnight. I usually eat dinner between 1am and 2am, but because I cannot eat in front of my baby, we bumped our eating time to early. And might I please say thank you to my friend Rafael for bringing to my attention that he’s very aware of my eating times? I sent him a picture of this sushi (with time), and he replied with something like, “Early dinner?” Ha ha! Yes, 11:49pm was quite early. What a good friend.

Her majesty’s second helping! Note the time: of course she got her food before I got mine! Twelve minutes to be exact. Time Warp.

Next morning, we celebrated with a mommy and Gwendolyn party walk. I rarely show images of Gwendolyn doing her biological work, but this is simply too COOT not to share.

And after the good news? Yoga.

Thank you to everyone for your love. ♥️♥️♥️ Thank you to Dr. Maro for fixing my baby boo boo boo!!