Hi! A gorgeous, most magnificent, sunshiny week it’s been!

The commencement of DST exists as prolifically significant to my life with the eating disorder. Extended sunshine meant longer exposure of unwanted fat to onlookers; meant feeling stale by seven o’clock when bright existed and I was drunk; meant plain and simple longing for that first dark, gloomy day of November. No longer.

On last Sunday, on that first day of glorious sunshine, sure we invested most of our time gawking over the too-sexy-to-handle Doug Stamper of House of Cards.

Seriously, Frank Underwood is sexy in that control-of-everyone manner. And I’m normally attracted to that, for a while. But at the end of the day, I prefer the control freak who is silent about it. Doug Stamper’s character is the rehab-policy-breaking-clean-freak-alcoholic-in-submission-weirdo, and he’s just very sexy. Successful. Handsome as heck. And quiet. Mysterious. Body that I like. Keeps me very interested in the show. Also, I love Robin Wright’s character. The Ice Queen, as she’s been royally dubbed by Vanity Fair. Her thought processes reminds much of mine. Season Three blew me away, and I suggest it beyond words. And a tofu burrito, too. 🙂

Speaking of which, the tofu burrito, yes, I wanted it this week and ate quite a few because my body exerted output that created a grumbling stomach that absolutely CRAVED this delightful, superhealthy nourishment. Combined with a delightful can of coconut water, my lunches were heavenly!!

(Note: This is everything that I ate on Sunday, and believe me, it’s so variable nowadays that it’s not a true representation of any given day, and I’ve lost so much interest in reporting “what I ate” that I don’t care to explain in more detail so please buy my book-in-process when it becomes available to learn more!). 🙂

So back to DST! As we sauntered outdoors for a six o’clock walk, we were SOOOOOOOOO pleasantly surprised by sun! And by our happiness for it! Having a thinner body absolutely means the difference between night and day for me. I’m so black and white. Furthermore, at that point of the day, it occurred to me that in the past, DST, although it sucked because of the entire “everyone can see my body for longer” thing, it also meant BREAKFAST CAME AN HOUR EARLY!! Yahoo! 😉 But not this year. All I wanted was my cup of Joe, and we were abroad, so I didn’t reach Starbucks until ten o’clock in the morning. Four hours after their opening. In the olden days, when married to the ED, I would have lined-up at six AM. I’ll give you this: my sister attests that I was a witch on the phone until I had my fix, but she granted pardon because she knows that I require my coffee very early. And Whole Foods came, too, untraditionally, even later. What a glorious first day of DST it was. 🙂

And it’s all thanks to my hard work with figuring out HOW TO EAT, how to exercise, and how to moderate my love for martinis. I’m pretty excited that my plan of 2014 worked, and here are my abs, one week after last.

Honestly, this blog has been the GREATEST therapy of my life. It’s allowed me to calculate HOW I want to approach the delicate subject of eating disorders for my BOOK. It’s allowed me to forge divine FRIENDSHIPS. It’s forced me to be accountable for my GOALS. Most importantly, it’s inspired moderation of my head and hands with heart.

Maybe I won’t post about my food for a long time. Maybe you’ll get more pictures of yoga poses and abs instead of words. But I hope you’ll continue reading because I really think this blog is a healthy place to be.

I’ve fallen in love with this wine.

Finca Tobella.

2007! The year of my dear dog’s birth. 🙂


And I’ve fallen in love with you, dear readers!

Have a good day. And namaste. 🙂