Yesterday at 4am, passionately doing a high-intensity, old school, punching grapevine with Billy Blanks, I heard an old command. But my brain translated his old command as something completely new.

“Good energy in your step! Good energy in your step!” 

As Billy exclaimed this, I didn’t think energy = calorie burning power!

I thought energy = good vibes of the heart and soul.

And I said WOW.

For the past four years of our friendship, I’ve heard my dear friend Becky talk about energy. It’s either good or bad, and she’s very intuitive, immediately assigning either degree to human beings. She talks of how she doesn’t correct her wild dog, but rather, she redirects her dog’s energy. She dines at restaurants “with good energy.” Becky is good energy.

Coming from a black and white rational mindset, hearing this energy stuff just seemed toooooooo far out, especially to someone who appeared happy on the outside but existed as grumpy gills mcgee on the inside because of her fat. Energy, to me, was calories in calories out, how much can I get done in one day, how much weight can I lose, how can I be the fastest, burn the most, be the best, etcetera.

…Until I realised during yesterday’s TaeBo session that Becky, one of my greatest teachers, has taught me yet another lesson. The world operates on energy, and when energy is good, so is life. She knows that I won’t accept her lessons like a student from a professor at university. She knows that I hear things, slowly applying and adopting the principles over time. She knows that I have a hard head. She knows it because we’re so much alike.

And today, Becky celebrates her birthday!!!!!!!!! Here she is with Bella, walking to her birthday party of two years ago. It was a surprise party that Gwendolyn arranged.

And the party! Bella also celebrates her birthday on this day. 🙂

I never posted any pictures of me from this 2013 party because I was fat. And my energy inside was so very bad. But now I can finally do so because the birthday girl has helped me to achieve good energy, and I’m so proud to have stood beside her in this picture.

Look at our DOGS!!

What a divine birthday girl! It’s my plan to stalk her today to get some new pictures for a new birthday memory blog post. 🙂 In about an hour, I shall serenade her, Opera style, with a happy birthday message. Gwendolyn will woo in the background.

Happy happy happy happy happy birthday to my kind, pretty, skinny, fabulous, intelligent, patient, happy most wonderful friend BECKY. I heart you so!

Have a good day, and namaste. :):)