Who wants to get wild with green juice? Because we’re certainly doing such! I shall hereby tell you about this grand second day of my Joyful Juice Cleanse, ending with details of our divine green juice party. Fair warning: this might push your intrigue into joining the party, too!!

Today’s Consumption Report

9:45am, chard basil apple romaine celery cucumber collards lemon.

1:30pm, lemon cayenne agave.

4pm, beet apple carrot lemon ginger.

5pm, cashew vanilla cinnammon agave

8pm, kale apple ginger romaine spinach cucumber celery parsley lemon

10pm (later), arugula kale apple romaine celery cucumber lemon ginger

The Details

Totally energetic and happy!! I wish to continue this cleanse for a fortnight! Alas, details of life do not allow for such, but I plan to do this when I’m 81, for a complete fortnight. It’s on the bucket list. And I’m gonna do a cleanse more frequently, after this grand experiment.

One thing that I noticed is that I’m more airy and relaxed because I’m not thinking about hunger. It’s funny that I feel more full on light juices than I do on my regular protein. I suppose my brain is programmed to think in breakfast-lunch-dinner-martini mode that when I’m anticipating the great taste of a delicious plump juicy tofu burrito, it’s all that I want.

My friend Françoise posted to her Facebook last week,

“‘If there was a way that I could not eat, so I could work more, I would not eat. I wish there was a way to get nutrients without sitting down for a meal.’ – Not from me, from Elon Musk – somehow I find it refreshing – sick of the focus on food all the time.”

Deep down, I think that although my food is literally clean and perfect, it was weighing me down, mentally and physically, and I needed a break. I do this in my relationships, too. I just get quiet and go away when things feel too heavy. It’s interesting that this lusting for food quietness happened when I’ve gotten so deep into my yoga. Kino Macgregor posted today to her Facebook:

“Cleanliness is a key component of the yoga lifestyle. Defined in Sanskrit as Saucha, it is included in the moral and ethical principles outlined in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Traditionally said to mean purity of mind, body and environment.”

Has yoga done this to me?

Whatever is the case, I stayed hydrated, nourished, and happy all day! Yay! And my stomach looks way thin, an unintended side effect to this cleanse! Yahoo! The one thing that I craved? COFFEE. It hit me midday. Normally, I’m ten thousand cups into the very caffeinated stuff, so it actually surprised me that I haven’t developed headaches with this detoxification. I suppose my body’s just operating on the highest level imaginable! 😉 And, guess what. Last year, I ordered some boring schmoring decaf Nespresso pods for when Becky visits. Thus I made myself a cup of decaf Joe, and it was OH SO divine.


Time to party.

Who gets the wild faux martini?

Of course!

A perfect little lady.

Like her mommy.

I cannot make a serious face without bursting into laughter if my life depended on it.

Have a good day, and namaste!