i’m pretty damn disgusted right now.

here’s last night’s dinner.  this has been status quo for about one and a half months.

@ the grocery store
on my crate and barrel cube. (missing: wine because i already enjoyed that before dinner)
the pears for dessert (i ate the apple in the automobile)

notice anything different from my standard meal?  yes.  i’ve consistently consumed one bottle of poppyseed dressing, one can of artichoke hearts, and one can of mushrooms ADDITIONALLY at dinner.  AND, for breakfast, i’ve been eating one extra bag of NUTS.  what the hell?

now i see chub on my legs, in my core, and in my face.

as you read this, you might think that i’m pretty psychotic.  yes, but i’m not bulimic, so that’s a milestone.  i’ve not once felt compelled to vomit this extra fat.  in the olden’ days?  i couldn’t have reported that fact.

but i’m pissed off.

so, starting today, i’m cutting out the extras, (the poppyseed dressing, the artichocke hearts, the full fat extra firm tofu, hello low cal tofu!) . . . and i’m cutting out wine (except for on weekends, friday saturday AND sunday :)).

please do not extend your sympathy for my distress because i do not want it.  rather, just wish me luck with returning to my cleaner diet.  i am looking forward to fixing what i’ve begun to destroy!

there shall be NO more kitchen yoga broadcasts for ONE month, at conclusion of which time i’ll hopefully feel flatter, leaner, and worthy of your audience.  nobody wants to learn yoga from a FAT girl.


xo, the exbulimic fatty @ nicoleandgwendolyn.com

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