Fake News is usually my entertainment. For instance, when the failing New York Times announced that Mike Pompeo existed as AWOL when he was actually saving three American prisoners in North Korea, I laughed so hard! President Trump’s mocking of it was epic. For instance, number two, when, on Monday CNN announced BREAKING NEWS about our gorgeous FLOTUS Melania Trump, introduced by dramatic soap opera style music, leaving the listener salivating for the information, only to announce her little tiny surgery. How on freaking Earth is that BREAKING NEWS?! It is ridiculous.

But yesterday I was offended.

One of my really great friends got on my nerves, and I needed to speak my piece to him. I rarely do this because I have my thoughts and stay quiet, but yesterday it got to be too much when the quality of my character was being questioned.

This regards President Trump’s commentary on comparing MS13 Gang Members to ANIMALS.

Without divulging the specific arguments of my friend because he truly does feel pain and I do not feel it is right to quote him, I shall simply type what I said, in three parts. The first being the comparison to animals. I wrote,

“I do not love it when [President Trump] compares humans to ‘dogs’ or ‘animals’ in the negative connotation, but that’s because he’s never loved a dog, so I don’t get mad by it. We each see the world through our own eyes and experiences. And to suggest that he is like Hitler is appalling. His daughter is Jewish and he is respectful of all races and religions.”

And when my friend suggested that I do a mission trip with him to help the people who can’t eat because they were born into the wrong color or country, I told him that it’s a good thing for people like him who want to help. And then in my asshole way, I asked “Why are these humans reproducing when they do not have means to feed their children?”

At that point, I needed a breather and 33 miles on the bicycle to clear my head. After my riding, my Nicole Marie Story response came to my head. And here is what I texted, late last night.

“just want you to know that i do not allow anyone to talk down to me, regarding my philosophies on existence. i do not try to sell the unsellable or force my arguments onto anyone. but, for the record, my greatest mentor once said to me, “having an ayn rand mindset with a social worker conscious is a very powerful combination.” he saw this in me. with regard to helping every poor child [in Haiti] to find food, i do not find it as a rational goal because they will be hungry again tomorrow. that is the role of mother theresa. if i can shift the thinking of one poor child into entering a life of hustle and hard work then i can do more value. additionally, my grandfather ate boiled blood from dead street animals in WWII Italy as a 3-year old so just because i have never experienced hunger or a skin that is not white does not mean that i do not have a family history of it or compassion and sadness for it. thank you.”

He replied in apology. He told me that it was not his intention to get me to change.

And we hugged!

And here’s a picture of my dog. Namaste!

What do you think?