today is our favourite day ever.

. . . not just because today’s gwendolyn’s birthday . . . but because today’s fabulous.

after being shut out from the today show, we people-watched for a few hours, happily drinking coffee from the steps of madison square garden.

the birthday girl proceeded to ZONK-OUT since we had walked to rockefeller center and back, twice, before dawn.

and mommy ordered brunch!  look familiar? 😉  maybe not.  today i enjoyed red wine instead  of chardonnay.  🙂

if the following photograph doesn’t make you think of samantha and the hot fireman (yes, they all really do look like that), then you’re NOT a sex and the city fan!!!!!!!!!  (i snapped this photograph for my sister!).

@ a rare bookstore on madison!  bought a first edition copy of “other people: a mystery story” by martin amis.  it’s about a crazy girl in new york in 1981.  reminds me of me, except i wasn’t born until 82.  🙂

this next one’s for greta, my SushiVogueGirlExBulimic friend!  we walked to 350 madison, the reported offices of Vogue (america) . . . only to discover that Vogue had moved to Times Square!  but we snapped a photograph anyway because the floor was just so cool and reminiscent of the fabulous heels, including Carrie’s and Murphy Brown’s, that graced it.  🙂

martini workshop and writing luncheon at Madison & Vine!  🙂 🙂 🙂

writing from this fabulous quirky restaurant, at the corner of madison and 41st, made me realise that carrie bradshaw TRULY knew what she was doing!  i’m so damn inspired!!!!!!!!!  the after-work businessmen were as sexy as can be!  i’d quite fancy one of those next time.  😉

birthday puggle at her birthday lunch, observing the new york traffic.  i love her! 🙂

what do you think of our holiday thus far?   🙂  

© nicole marie story and, 2011.