hey, bulimics!  today, i hula hooped for the first time since, well, before i became bulimic.

and wow, it was fun!

always too busy with bulimia, i never dared to participate in such a ridiculously fun and simple activity!

do you know that hula hooping dates back to 500 BC?  the ancient hoop, composed of dried willow, rattan, grapevines, or stiff grasses, represents that despite lack of communication and standard resources, various cultures unknowingly shared similar ideas and joys for this fun, fun, fun sport!

our ancestors connected with such childish fun.  so why can’t bulimics?

shake your hips, twirl that hoop, and bring fun into your life, instead of a friday night of bulimic hell.

gwendolyn recommends it!  🙂

what’s on your Friday Fun agenda?

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