once upon time, an ex bulimic and her puggle visited the enchanted forest!


it was very different than new york; but it was perfect for the crisp, cool, autumnal, saturday morning!

the ex bulimic enjoys quietly appreciating nature, as her form of meditation.

the puggle enjoys romping through the leaves, unleashing her rambunctious beagle qualities, as her form of meditation!


the beagle spotted a bicycle rider with dog AND an equestrian rider!


despite commendable efforts, gwendolyn could not catch the dashing fellows!  so, she settled for kissing a cute dog!


after tiring of romance, like is common of her mommy, gwendolyn wanted to be alone!  so the puggle and ex bulimic found a secluded area for photograph snapping! 🙂


seven miles later, it was time to venture home!  but first, gwendolyn wished to regally pose upon a rock.


it was a fantastic saturday morning.  🙂

how do you meditate? 

© nicole marie story and nicoleandgwendolyn.com, 2011.