As green leaves turned crimson and warm temps turned chilly this time last year, my morning ritual involved my dog, Diet Dr. Pepper, and the Powerball. Then, in December, I did my first juice cleanse, albeit just three days; but it caused me to dislike soda from that point forward. This lifelong diet soda girl suddenly wanted fresh, healthy things instead of black water. How interesting!

Fast forward to now, a few juice cleanses later, and I’ve finally opted to cleanse from alcohol, for one month’s period. Sure, I’ve planned a grand martini party already (currently attending are two: me and my dog); and I drink more coffee than good for a girl who can make coffee nervous, but this year seems all about improving my health while getting hardcore down and dirty with exercise again; and I’m super ecstatic about that.

I’m not drinking alcohol. Yes, I repeat, and I sound like my grandmother: I’m not drinking alcohol. Do you realise the extent of that jump? It’s significant because I never thought to do it because, what else am I gonna do at nighttime? There’s lots, I assure you. But most importantly, what in tarnation is going to replace those calories and “nutrition?” So many grapes from wine! So many olives from martinis! After day one, I found myself starving! What does a fitness girl do, to ensure that she doesn’t waste away during such a cleanse?

The answer: drink other things!!

Whole Foods, you are so welcome for the extra business that my extreme food plans afford you.

I’m still not sure how Gwendolyn feels about all of this. 🙂

Cold-pressed juice in the morning (sometimes) and cold-pressed juice with dinner! And OMG the most amazing thing in the entire world that I’ve discovered: Coconut water with pulp!!! Mid day!!! I bought it because of the cute monkey featured on the can. And I’ve never been a huge fan of coconut water. I remember watching a clip on Sesame Street as a child where Maria (?) drank coconut directly from the fruit itself. So a few years later, when I went to Hawaii, I sought first a coconut, implanted a straw, and blech! Fast forward a few years to those drunken yoga girl luncheons. Some of the ladies sipped coconut water. I refused, opting for wine. Oh how I now see the light!



Coffee is just so good and warming. Much better than tea. But Gwendolyn is pissed about this lack of martini party. Ha ha ha!

And that’s all I have to say about that!

What’s on your daily beverage list?

Have a good day, and namaste!!!