Martinis have been replaced with chocolate and cheekbones! It all began sometime during week one of the ‘No Alcohol. One Month’ charge. Craving chocolate, I bought antioxidant bark featuring almonds, blueberries, cranberries, and cherries embedded into dark chocolate. Delicioso!

And then I bought it again.

And again.

And lots of other times.

It’s quite funny because during the past three weeks, chocolate, a ‘naughty food,’ has become my lunch! Consumed around 5pm, it energises me for evening activities. But on Tuesday of this week, I felt totally glutinous, a chubby monkey, thinking, “WTF, I need to drink every single day because it keeps me from eating. I can’t keep eating real food! Look at this tube around my waist!” That was, of course, until I walked into my aesthetician’s office for a pedicure when she exclaimed, “Oh my god! Your cheekbones! Damnit. You’ve lost a lot of weight. Now I need to stop drinking, too.”

For real. Totally made my freaking day. She explained that alcohol is dehydrating, causing puffiness. And of course I know that food calories are different than alcohol calories. I’ve just never given it enough time to affect my body in the way that I like. Until now. But just to double check on my aesthetician’s commentary, Gwendolyn and I did a selfie on the next day because, you know, maybe my cheekbones disappeared overnight?

They hadn’t.

Now that I’ve recognised results, how will this impact my alcohol consumption after I’m done with this challenge on October 12th? More specifically, how frequently will I drink? When I started this project, my answer to this question was very Godfather. “Monday Tuesday Thursday Wednesday Friday Sunday Saturday.” 🙂

Now? Such is not the case. I like having a hard body again. But I also like my hard drinks. So I’ll be a three-day fun girl, most likely Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. This means I’ll need to HBOGo Boardwalk Empire, avoiding its original broadcast on Sundays. Who can watch Boardwalk Empire without a cocktail? Not this girl!

This also means a huge reduction in the food department on the days that I do drink. A girl’s gotta stay tight, right?

All kidding aside, this ‘No Alcohol. One Month’ deal is the most awesome experiment of my life. Remove the chemistry set from the girl, and she’ll produce chocolate and cheekbones.

Have a good day, and namaste. 🙂

What have you discovered when experimenting with alcohol?