This past weekend, nicoleandgwendolyn existed in a most glorious Chicago State of Mind.

Memories of our mini holiday, representing the most wonderful of times ever spent with my little sister, shall be cherished forever and ever and ever! :):):)

Shopping! 🙂
Admiring our reflection at Cloud Gate. LOL! 🙂
On Facebook, my sister captioned this as, “motherly love.” 🙂
love them more than words can ever describe! :):):)

The significance of this final photograph forever etches feelings, thoughts, and realities into my mind.  Depicting a most happy weekend in the glorious city of Chicago, its undertones represent the exact second moment in time, the moment of when nicoleandgwendolyn became absolutely certain that our work shall permanently take us to New York.

We’re officially in a New York State of Mind.

Where will you be in the next year?

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