“Be in control of your workout. Don’t let your workout be in control of you. Cause you the boss!” – Billy Blanks

Oh my goodness, I’m coming off of the greatest workout high ever!!!!! And, no matter how many times I do these old school TaeBo videos, Billy Blanks alwaysssss makes me smile with his words of wisdom and super-kind, motivationally hilarious expressions.

He’s one hell of a man. One hell of a trainer. One hell of an example of someone who MADE something great from his love of fitness!!

I’ve been reading a new book. And for those of you who know my personality, when I find an author that I adore (because he or she agrees with me, ahem, Ayn Rand), I go all out. It becomes my reading passion! Gwendolyn certainly knows this because these books become her bedtime stories, ha ha ha. We’re so happy holding our “new” book! Something tells me it’ll go up there beside Atlas Shrugged.

“Pushing To The Front” by Orison Swett Marden.

Here’s the book, pictured in the dark. So beautiful that it must be touched and read immediately!

I’m only a few pages in, but it SEEMS, thus far, that this 1911 masterpiece agrees with my social worker conscious – Ayn Rand mindset, and it’s pretty darn inspiring! Chapter One is titled, “The Man and the Opportunity,” and I’d love to mention a few of Marden’s inspirational statements from this section…

  • “Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great.”
  • “Weak men wait for opportunities, strong men make them.”
  • “These are illustrations of seizing opportunity for the purpose of making money. But fortunately there is a new generation of electricians, of engineers, of scholars, of artists, of authors, and of poets who find opportunities, thick as thistles, for doing something nobler than merely amassing riches. Wealth is not an end to strive for, but an opportunity; not the climax of a man’s career, but an incident.”

So this all reminds me of Billy’s comment of this morning.

“Be in control of your workout. Don’t let your workout be in control of you. Cause you the boss!”

I’m so in control of my workouts. Sure, I get tired! Sure, I get cranky! Sure I grip about it! Oh woe is me! 😉 But everyone experiences sub par days. I think working through those sub par days, staying in control, are what create the amazing days like today! With each kick! With each punch! With each ab crunch! This morning, I existed in so much control of my body, mind included, that I began thinking, “How will I use my newfound wellness system to be the boss? To share my knowledge to help other people?”

Oh my head is bursting with a PLAN! A great one.

I’m so freaking excited.

Have a good day, and namaste.