I love it when I get catcalls. And yes, I know that I might be one of very few ladies to admit to this fact! Even Miss Piggy got pissed in The Muppets Take Manhattan when construction workers catcalled on her, ha ha! But for a girl who awoke nearly every spring for 17 years as a fatso, struggling with an eating disorder and then needing to hide her wintertime binge fat that stubbornly did not respond to an overdosage of laxatives, vomiting, and over exercising, it is quite nice to, on the first two hot days of the year, rip off the clothing to reveal a tight waste and thick thighs and lean arms and skinny face and to strut like you’re a New York model. Oh yes. That is exactly what I have been doing with my Gwendolyn for the past two days, and it is divine. And the catcalls have come in many different forms!

The following all happened on this morning’s walk. First off, the divine barista at Starbucks gave us a free coffee. They are so damn kind to us. And then we strutted along merrily, the first set of catcalling involving, “Woa baby, you are gorgeous!” Respectful catcalling.

The second set of catcalling involved a construction worker asking, “Is that your bodyguard?” referencing Gwendolyn. Ha ha! “Is she a vicious bulldog?” another continued. LOL!

And then a fine kind black man who introduced himself as Gregory asked if Gwendolyn would share me so that he can take me to dinner and a movie. I said that I am flattered but have no time for dates, as I am writing a book with an aggressive deadline. Usually, I just reply by saying, “I have no time,” and I hand him my business card which links him to my blog, podcast, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook because it helps to grow my audience, but this guy was just so nice. He said he’s been watching me walk around with my dog for years and finally mustered the courage to say hi. I shook his hand. It was a very weak handshake. I knew before shaking his hand that he is not my John Galt, but it was a lovely 30 second chat regardless. Sometimes a girl must stop to chat for 30 seconds. Oh! Yes, the other day? I bumped into a man to whom I gave my card three months ago, and he started the dialogue with, “I need just 30 seconds. I’ve been in recovery for 30 years and your message and writing is brave and powerful. You should be very proud of your work.” WOA BABY. 🙂

Let’s see. What else happened on this morning’s walk?

A beggar screamed at Gwendolyn, calling her “Mugsy,” asking of why she didn’t love him anymore.

Another beggar called out to Gwendolyn, asking for her autograph for her work in Men in Black. LMFAO.

When we ventured into another coffee shop to buy our Protein Puck bar, the barista, one that I call the Barista Fashionista (keep trying to convince her to start a social media empire around this title because she is gorgeous – not the typical Woodstock smelly looking starving artist barista to which one is accustomed to seeing outside of Starbucks) petted Gwendolyn and told me that she looks nothing like 11 years, that she looks much younger! I was chuffed!

News flash.

LAST SIDE HUSTLE SATURDAY, we named our book and have written 9,000 words for a new chapter one, based on the new subject of the book. F*CK we are so excited. I am doing some redesign to my apartment because I need to be prepared for interviews with Fox News and The View (figure that one out, why don’t you, hehe) that shall happen via Skype like Diamond and Silk are famous for conducting. OH I am so excited about my new Interview Space.

I have over-cycled for the past two months, permitting myself a planned week of lesser riding / recovery at the end of this month. My body is looking forward to lots of yoga.

I just published a new YouTube featuring my favourite headstand on Earth, Baddha Hasta Sirsasana D. It is the final of the seven headstands of the secondary series of Ashtanga yoga and considered by most to be the hardest. It is definitely a challenge but it comes so easily to me. Here is the video.

So what do you think about catcalling? Namaste.