it happened last wednesday, yet it seems like a year ago.  it was the longest day of my post-bulimic life.

i almost failed.

i almost binged.

i almost broke my promise to gwendolyn.

it all started with a fight at the coffee shop.  as you know, i’m quite fluent in coffee shop fighting.

this blog entry introduces the events of last wednesday, citing what i experienced, how i almost failed, and how i prevailed.

as i reminded a lovely eating disordered friend through her recent blog entry, the mental side effects of bulimia still exist, clouding my everyday life.  for one year, two months, and two days, i’ve successfully pushed away the clouds with a beautiful, happy, yellow sun.  but last wednesday, the clouds remained, manipulating my brain, and almost my body.

i don’t binge and purge anymore, but my head’s still in that old place, although not nearly to its former extent. and that’s the point of my blog ~ to warn people about bulimia and to show them that there’s a way to exist after it.  although my existence gets healthier each day, it constantly contends with bulimic thoughts.

enjoy this hilarious, very accurate cartoon created by one of my friends!  good friends are something that i love about my post bulimic life.  they keep me laughing, and they truly care about eating disorders . . . and dogs.  🙂

please stay tuned for part two of bulimic coffee.


© nicole marie story and, 2011.