today, i am sporting the new spectacles! 🙂

you all know the consequences of bulimia, as it pertains to the gums.

but what about the eyes?

i’ve found nothing clinical about the relationship of bulimia to vision impairment, but i will tell you this:

SINCE I QUITE BULIMIA and became PESCO-VEGAN exactly one year, two months, and 26 days ago, my vision impairment has IMPROVED BY MORE THAN 50 PERCENT!!!  what?!?!?!?!

  • in 2008, my correction was: right eye, -1.70.  left eye, -2.25
  • in 2011, currently, my correction is:  right eye, -1.00, left eye, -1.25

for those of you who wonder, perfect vision is, of course, -0.00, -0.00.  so, i improved BY A DRAMATIC AMOUNT!  sometimes i even secretly ride my bicycle without vision assistance.

and the doctor said, “this is unheard of!  a girl on the verge of her thirtieth birthday should have progressively worsened eyes.  i’ve never seen this before.  what are you doing differently?”

i happily responded with a huge smile on my face, “well, doctor, i don’t binge upon cornucopias of food and vomit until my guts release anymore.  oh, and, i’m pesco-vegan.”  imagine his response.  🙂

he proceeded to conduct a few tests, ensuring that i just hadn’t memorised the letter boards.  and yes, my eyes, indeed, improved.  i lost my astigmatism which i’ve had since 1989.  (it was the first and only test that i ever failed, my eye test in the second grade!).

so i purchased new contact lenses in april, accommodating for my newfound awesome vision.  but i didn’t buy spectacles because i couldn’t yet afford them, just on the verge of my first year anniversary of being bulimic free.

bulimics spend a LOT OF MONEY on binge food, so i was always short on cash yet unwilling, by this point, to use credit cards. 

but now, in september, i found myself at a higher comfort level from a cash perspective, AND i couldn’t see from my old Chanel spectacles.  they were too strong for my new, healthy eyes!  they hurt my eyes!  therefore, i bought newbies last weekend.

they’re not Chanels because the Chanels of this season were truly the Chanels of last season.  (sorry, coco design successors, but you REALLY must step up the pace).

it’s sort of embarrassing to announce, but i bought Polos, by Ralph Lauren.  i consider Ralph to be a second tier designer, but like accepting The Real Me, i’m learning to live beyond labels as it pertains to designers.  the spectacles are fabulous, and they cost just as much as the Chanels!

here are the spectacles.  my sister said that i look nerdy, like “where’s waldo.”  she makes me chuckle.  🙂

do you love them?  and how has your vision been impacted by eating?  

snuggling with my monkey on the couch at 5am watching the news and blogging!… sporting the new spectacles!

© nicole marie story and, 2011.