Tuesday night is the night in which I currently indulge my crazy to the point of perfection. I wrote about it last Tuesday here: Spontaneous Sushi. And I hereby recount the details of last night’s calculated wildness. Mind you, I live very systematically for the other nights of the week, too, but it is on this special night that I permit myself to be wildly unsustainably (without the help of a maid or personal chef) perfect. I get so high from it. It starts with yoga.

THIS WAS SO HARD FOR ME TO ACHIEVE YESTERDAY thusly have decided to add this pose to my regular practise because not only does it feel so good to twist so deeply but I don’t ever want to regress in my practise again!! Did both sides for the Instagram presentation. In Sanksrit, the pose is called Parivrtta Baddha Uttanasana. This translates to the English, “Bitch of a Pose,” or short, “Bitch Pose.” LOL.

Check my Instagram Page for the video of this bitch.

Earlier in the day, at 06:00AM I completed Robin’s hardAF live Tabata ride. It’s always a divine Tuesday morning challenge, especially when I haven’t had caffeine beforehand! I love to hate this ride, and I am hereby a Robin Tabata Addict.

A very tired body 12 hours later, I needed to fulfill my second ride commitment of the day to yield a perfect Tuesday. So I did it without hesitation. And OH. The ride was perfect. A live recovery ride with Jess King.

This leaves me stationed at the following for #PelotonYoga18K, my charity ride challenge with my yoga sisters Cece and Hélène:

Week One: 151.63 miles

Week Two: 152.25 miles

Week Three (two days of riding accomplished): 49.56 miles

Year Total Thus Far: 353.44 miles

That’s an average of 22.09 miles per day. Multiply that by 365 and that yields 8,000+ miles on a 6,000 mile per-girl goal. Whop whop! I am also situated at 23 percent of my fundraising goal. If you have donated / shall donate, I thank you madly! So does my chosen charity, the 412 Food Rescue. Visit my donation site here: Nicole Marie Story’s Donation Site for Charity Bike Ride.

Then it came time for the super crazy. The organised crazy. The most fun part of my week.

08:00PM. I had exactly one hour to clean the apartment, from top to bottom. This involves vacuuming of the floor, washing of the floor, scrubbing of all surface areas with a rough pad followed by polishing of the surface areas, ensuring that all laundry is cleaned and folded and placed into drawers, and of entering of the shower and cleaning it roughly, scrubbing of the walls and door. Of course I did all of this with wine! In one hour’s time.

After scrubbing of my body so that it could match the perfect state of my apartment, I conducted my beauty rituals of moisturisation etcetera. Everything is very specific. And I know that I look ridiculous in this post-bath picture, but I enjoy that my collarbone looks bony thus I am presenting it.

Sushi ordered. And we were on our way!

The car ride started with a Karen Carpenter song. Her voice always always always moves me. Perhaps it is because I relate to her perfectionism. Perhaps it is because my parents’ first song at their wedding was “We’ve Only Just Begun” and it’s nature’s way of connecting the soul to my roots (LOL now I sound like Becky). Who knows! But it was lovely to hear her voice. Next up came “Islands in the Stream” by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. Oh we sang that one hard! Can you tell that we were listening to the Sirius station entitled as, “Love”? LOL. Whitney’s “Saving All My Love For You” was next. At this point, I needed some jamz so scurried over to Backspin where Gwendolyn and I rapped out to “How Do U Want It” by 2Pac feat K-Ci & Jo Jo followed by “What’s Luv?” by Fat Joe feat. Ashanti. Before What’s Love aired, the DJ interviewed Fat Joe where he revealed that he intended for Ashanti’s part to be sung by J Lo but when he heard Ashanti, plans changed. This song is also ironic because it was the soundtrack for my 2001 car binges from Krispy Kreme. I remember hearing this tune as I stuffed my face with White Creme, Blueberry Glaze, Strawberry Jelly, Regular Glaze donuts as I headed to my shift at work. Same highway. Same song. Much different activity nowadays. Thank goodness for that! And just to ensure that I have my dates correct (I have photographic date memory), after typing that last sentence, I googled, “What’s Luv Fat Joe Year” and it indeed queried 2001. Never question me on a date.

Okay! So here is my divine sushi adventure partner and our adventure in pictures!

The goal would be to NOT eat dinner until 03:00AM when This Is Us airs on iTunes. Could I do it? Could I accomplish this goal of putting off dinner?

At 01:00AM, 21 hours into being awake, we got very tired and hungry. LOL.

So dinner was consumed. But we awoke at 04:30AM, just three hours later, ventured to Starbucks, darted to home, and we watched the new divine episode on iTunes. And might I stress again? DIVINE EPISODE.

Spoiler Alert Here!

It’s so funny that I do not relate to Kate’s character. She’s the one with the food addiction. ALSO, in this episode, her annoying skinny friend at therapy? It is revealed that she has recently become bulimic (experienced a stint in middle school and now it’s back as an adult – which I think it SO COMMON). So why don’t I relate to her character despite having lived as bulimic for 11 years followed by six more years of very disordered eating? It is because she is that wimpy woe-is-me, cry over the toilet after puking bulimic. I was never that. It was always business. Put it in. Get it out. Start the plan to live healthfully at midnight! But this character and her portrayal of it is very good because that manner, in my opinion, is how many bulimics exist. Many read my blog and question, “Is this girl for real?” Yes, I am for real. And I relate madly to Kevin’s character. Oh my goodness, I cannot wait for you to read my book to discover the big revelation that I had this year. My big news, in the words of President Trump, is “HUGE.”

Okay! That is all for today! I am late! Namaste!