On Friday I posted to Instagram about my two-week mental battle about a salad containing grains. LOL! Here is what I wrote: “This picture features today’s salad that I’ve wanted since its debut of about a fortnight ago at Reed & Co. Problem is that it contains pearled barley, and in my healthy life, I do grains and cooked foods only sparingly. My diet is mainly raw and vegan. Every so often I’ll consume brown rice for sushi or a pizza by Daiya Foods. At first the grain thing was a management system for my post bulimic life. Grains triggered me to eat the entire grocery store in one sitting followed by the forced ejection of the food from my body. So I stopped eating it. And I’ve found that my body looks thinner and leaner without it. So for me to accept grains is a process, even though it’s been eight years since I killed the bulimia and two since I killed the 17-year war with food in its entirety. A big deal. I think and think and think and think and think and think until one day I take the plunge. I don’t do this with any other decisions. All of my decisions in life are quick and compulsive. Even the big ones. Only with food am I planned and methodical. And this was the best freaking salad that I have consumed in forever!!”

Here I was telling Gwendolyn that she could not enjoy the onions or garlic-laced beans because onions and garlic are no bueno for doggie woggies!

But she could lick the tzatzki dressing.

Here’s where the REAL DRAMA fit for prime time arrived.

Whilst eating my gorgeous freaking salad, my beloved mother called. She, too, was eating lunch. Her lunch? CARROTS AND A BANANA. 😢 🥕🥕🍌 Sure, that sounds fine and dandy, but she eats this every damn day for lunch. So I felt bad from the bottom of my heart that I was eating something so good and nutritional with protein to catalyse my cells to repair and to grow when she was eating something that wasn’t doing anything but helping her body to starve and to decrease efficiency of metabolism. I said, “Mommy, you make me feel so bad! I want you to have what I am having!” So I proceeded to describe my food. “It is a salad composed of pearled red barley, romaine, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, kalamata olives, roasted garlic chickpeas, fresh mint, and vegan tzatzki dressing with a gorgeous raw vegan cashew milk!” 😀

And her reply seriously broke my heart. 💔 She said, “Oh, wow. Well you exercised all morning.” 😢😢😢 NO I HAD NOT. I had been sitting on my booty at the desk all morning. 😭 Why on EARTH does her brain consider my beautiful nutritional lunch to be BAD?? To be GLUTINOUS? She continued to tell me that she ate an English muffin w/ cantaloupe for breakfast and would eat a small dinner. When I told her that she is not eating the correct foods and enough calories, she replied with, “My metabolism is dead. I cannot get rid of this cha cha, and I can only eat a little bit to maintain my current state.” Breaks my heart. So badly. I never saw suffering in my mom until now. I want to teach her how to eat. I think that I have a new calling. The salad called us again, on Saturday, LOL!

Would you like some FABU food?

So many divine comments appeared at my blog, relating to my mother and her nutrition. First I shall recount one that happened verbally. A holistic nutritionist told me that she must add protein to each meal – proteins repair cells and catalyse growth of new cells. Duh. Sounds like pure no brainer science to me.

Another comment registered which is SPOT ON: “Your mom grew up in a fat phobic era. Everything had to be fat free in order to be ‘healthy’. It will take a while for her beliefs to shift but with education and her own trial and error I know she can do it. And carrots are yummy if you add some delicious hummus 😉 she can even keep her muffin and add some avocado.”  – all so true!!!!!!!!! And, for the record, my mother is indeed “scared” of hummus and avocado for the fat free craze reason listed above.

And this one is simply beautiful: “My dear friend- here I am in India studying Ayurvedic medicine and nutrition and reading your post. Your dear mamma is drying her body out by not having the healthy fats she needs. As we get older this is super important as many diseases of age are to do with the body becoming dry. This includes failing eyesight, Alzheimer’s, and párkinsons to name just a few. Try to get her to change her mind set. Im sure you can help her 💜”

So here’s the thing. I’m not perfect, either. For instance, yesterday morning, I declared a week without martinis. But last night at 11pm, I declared, after working my body (brain included) so hard all day long, I exclaimed that late night writing and midnight dinners are just super boring without a little zsa zsa zing! So I had me a little splash of spirit, he he!

My mother, despite starving her body, does not taint her liver with spirits. I have that department covered. 🙂 Namaste.

What is your advice for my mama cita?