My brain and body exist as a mush of happiness!! Firstly, I want to give update on my current standing for #PelotonYoga18K. As you might know, I am riding 18,000 miles with two of my Instagram yoga sisters in 2018. This means 6,000 miles for each girl. I’m currently stationed at just below 3,000 miles in only four and a half months which means that I’ll annihilate my requirement. Of interesting note is that because I spent nine days in Chicago during April, I took NINE DAYS OF REST from riding. I did have access to two glorious Peloton bikes during that Chicago visitation, but I chose to rest. And on day two of rest? MY ENTIRE BODY BECAME SO SORE THAT IT HURT TO MOVE. It’s like the past two years of consistent riding came to fruition on this second day of rest. My body morphed and shifted and tingled and felt absolutely incredibly incredible.

The human body is the most fascinating subject on Earth. I mean, I treated mine like garbage for 17 years under the state of disordered eating (anorexia, bulimia, otherwise not defined), yet it continued working like a horse. Weight ranging from 89 to 181, up and down the scale, many times, yet my heart kept pumping without a power supply. And now? I work it to the bone!

Last Monday, in my normal aggressive way, I declared on Facebook that I would ride 50 miles per day, for one week. And, two hours later, when I realised that my schedule simply did not allow for 50 daily miles, I revised my commitment to 33 per day, but extended the time to days of 18 which would yield about the same output result. And when a high quality friend who deserves to belong on Earth commented on my declaration, it was on like donkey kong. I could not back out. Thank you, Mr. Bicycle!!

So here I am, stationed on day eight of 18. Goal completed thus far, riding at 33+ miles daily for the past eight. And I shall complete my goal. BUT IT IS DAMN HARD. Not damn hard because of strength or stamina. I have both. It is damn hard because my brain wants to be doing other things than sitting on a bicycle!! The work is in the commitment of longevity. I suppose this is like a marriage for most humans? The work comes in sticking to the original contract, even when it gets effing boring.

Here are my stats, thus far, just so you get from where I’m coming:

2016 Mileage (started 15 March): 4743.20

2017 Mileage: 5066.53

2018 Mileage thus far: 2756.18

Breakdown of 2018 Mileage thus far:

Jan: 656.94

Feb: 582.36

Mar Madness: 721.25

April: 439.30

May: 356.33

AND might I please add that because of the recent influx in riding, I am ultra tired. Here we are, napping before tonight’s big adventure.

And just a few minutes ago. 🙂 Ha ha ha!

And earlier today. She walked for 5.7 miles today and threw only one violets and dandelions temper tantrum! 🙂 I am very proud of my 11-year old baby boo boo boo.

Goodnight, loves. You all make me smile from here to Pluto and back.