happy autumn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there are exactly 29 exclamation points in my salutation!  this is the happiest first day of autumn of my life, and every autumn from this point forward shall be conducted in exactly this fashion! 🙂

first, i experienced a grand day of yoga!  it was followed by a benefit for the arts with my friend gretchen!  see photograph! 🙂 we posed at the ballet bar, appreciating something that is so beautiful, yet something that was a huge contributing factor to my former eating disorder.  i love gretchen! 🙂


and then i was inspired by my new fabulous healthy friend, greta, the ex bulimic from europe, to eat and love food!  i LOVED pasta in my former life, but i’ve removed it from my diet, since last year.  i wasn’t very KIND with it, in those bad years.  but tonight i WANTED it.  i CRAVED it to belong in tonight’s celebration for the cooler, first day of autumn weather!  but i FEARED it, all day.  but now, i’m okay with it!  i’m happy with it! (because of greta!  and gretchen!  and gwendolyn!  and wine! 🙂 ).  i’m preparing it, and i’m so excited.

so, for this first day of autumn, i am branching out.  i am eating something that was never healthy in my life (i will spare you the disgusting, goury details), and i will celebrate with it!  pasta!  wheat pasta!

here are the dinner prep details.

i added hot peppers because hotness often allows me to slow down . . . and to appreciate the wine . . . and therefore appreciate the meal.  so, i’m currently appreciating the meal, at midnight EST.  🙂  but, the burners must be stopped because gwendolyn needs to be “walked!”  we’ll be right back!

and here are the dinner finalist photographs!


i was apprehensive at first, figuring that the pasta sauce would just prompt memories of past binges.  but no!  it was SO freaking good!  it’s BURSTING with flavour!  i think that including hot cherry peppers and portobello mushrooms, adding taste, adding significance, adding life and vigour, has helped to achieve this euphoric experience!  i appreciated the first taste test, like none other, especially from a celebratory perspective, and for that i’m really freaking grateful!!!!

WOW!  the flavour!  the excitement!  i defintely couldn’t do this more than once . . . or thrice . . . a fiscal quarter, but i am so freaking excited to experience this, knowing that it’ll be okay in the morning.  😀

and, we accompanied dinner with tom hanks, with the prospect of a freshly sharpened bouquet of pencils in the fall, in new york.  it’s the only superficial thing that we’ve ever really wanted.  we  want that so badly, from a man who loves us, loves new york, loves nature, and loves everything healthy.

bring it on, autumn! 🙂 xoxo

the ex bulimic and gwendolyn 🙂

what do you love about autumn? 🙂

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