My beautiful friend, a native of Brazil and speaker of Portuguese, completely humbled me, causing my heart to go pitter patter yesterday evening. At our meeting, she looked at me, exclaiming, “WOW! You look amazing! So fit! So healthy. So good!”

And that’s not the part that humbled me. I’ve been getting compliments left and right, and it’s interesting because although I certainly enjoy the random, “You look like a healthy sixteen year-old girl” statement, I don’t care what people think of me, aside from those in my tribe. The feedback is lovely and exciting, but I know how I look.

Furthermore, I write about my body and its accomplishments at this blog because this blog documents MY journey in healthy living after 16 years of disordered eating. I do not care to flaunt my success. But, this is my personal blog, so I write about it for my value. Writing keeps me motivated. I open MY blog to the public because it’s unique. Someone might get value from it.

So here’s what got to my heart.

My Brazilian friend continued, “There’s a word that we use in Brazil to describe people like you. AUTODIDATA!”

I started jumping and clapping because it sounded so fabulous! She assumed I knew what it meant, but I admitted that I knew not, so she continued…

“It’s a word to describe self-learned people. People who do things alone. Like your yoga. Like how you’re learning Portuguese. Like everything that you do. You want to learn or do something? You open a book. You make a plan. And you do it. All by yourself. I admire people like you. Because you have such great discipline.”


It’s pronounced, “Ow-Toe-Gee-Dotta.”

My right hand man, Wikipedia, formally defines it as,

Autodidata é a pessoa que tem a capacidade de aprender algo sem ter um professor ou mestre lhe ensinando ou ministrando aulas. O próprio indivíduo, com seu esforço particular intui, busca e pesquisa o material necessário para sua aprendizagem.

O autodidatismo é alvo de estudos acadêmicos, devido especialmente a expansão de sistemas educacionaison-line. Estes estudos visam a compreensão das práticas pedagógicas, a relação entre o uso de tecnologia e a concepção de conhecimento e educação envolvidas no processo.

Dentre autodidatas famosos, podem ser citados o músico Jimi Hendrix, os escritores Ray Bradbury,Machado de Assis, José Saramago e o polímataLeonardo da Vinci.

Translation for my English readers… 😉

Autodidact is a person who has the ability to learn something without having a teacher or master teaching him or giving classes. The individual himself, with his particular effort intuits, search and research the necessary materials for their learning.

The self-education is the subject of academic studies, mainly due to expansion of educational systems online. These studies are aimed at understanding the pedagogical practices, the relationship between the use of technology and the conception of knowledge and education involved.

Among famous self-taught, they can mention the musician Jimi Hendrix, writers Ray Bradbury, Machado de Assis, Jose Saramago and polymath Leonardo da Vinci.

Later in the nighttime, I WhattsApp’d her to thank her for one of the best recognitions I’ve ever been bestowed. And she replied, stating that I’m an inspiration to her.

And that’s where I became humbled.

Have a good day, and namaste.