I won’t even begin to pretend that I am presenting this stance as a high brow analysis of today’s wacko liberal op-ed of subject. Why? Because firstly, that’s not my style. And secondly, I seriously can’t read it all, from start to finish. I wanted to hurl when reading of the publisher’s introduction! Who is the publisher? The Hollywood Reporter – always sounded tabloid-esque to me, but yesterday, all of my liberal connections shared this “masterpiece” on social media, so I thought that perhaps I was just being cynical. And then I began reading, and rockets detonated in my head. We’re not talking the rockets of constant fresh ideas like Elon Musk and I experience on a regular basis regarding new amazing ideas for progress to help people. We are rather talking rockets of OMG THIS IS SO FREAKING CRAZY!

You can read the article here: ‘Designing Women’ Creator Goes Public With Les Moonves War: Not All Harassment Is Sexual (Guest Column).


I have only nine minutes to write this “dissertation,” so I shall make this concise. In a nutshell, Linda Bloodworth Thomason claims that on the moment that Les Moonves became hired by CBS in 1995, she stopped working. As she wrote stories about feminists, particularly a pilot called, “Fully Clothed Non-Dancing Women,” she wrote that “Mr. Moonves was rumored to be a big fan of topless bars. Then, someone delivered the news that he especially hated Designing Women and their loud-mouthed speeches. He showed up at the first table read and took a chair directly across from mine… Having been voted most popular in high school, I felt confident that I would be able to charm him. I was wrong. He sat and stared at me throughout the entire reading with eyes that were stunningly cold, as in, ‘You are so dead.'” She goes on to compare this stare as being like one from Charles Manson that she experienced as a young reporter. “As soon as the pilot was completed, Moonves informed me that it would not be picked up. I was at the pinnacle of my career. I would not work again for seven years.”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

If I had been in Moonves’s position, listening to those loud mouth man haters, then I, too, would have canceled / rejected the show, if it showed no sign of success. She writes of how despite this rejection, “I continued trying to win over Moonves. And he continued turning down every pilot I wrote.” What a weak female. A weak human.

This is where I needed to slap my face, to ensure that I wasn’t dreaming this article: “Then, I began to hear from female CBS employees about his mercurial, misogynist behavior, with actresses being ushered in and out of his office. His mantra, I was told, was, ‘Why would I wanna cast ’em if I don’t wanna fuck ’em?'”

I’m not going to lie, if I am the head of casting for a network, I am not going to hire an unattractive actress for my role. Do you really think that, 15 years earlier, Joan Collins would have been hired for Dynasty if she had been chubby and frumpy? In fact, did any female on Dynasty have a waistline larger than 21″ in circumference? Dynasty is the ultimate thinspiration!

And here is where the op-ed sounds very Alice in Wonderland-like: “Somewhere in the middle of all of this, I was walking the halls one day in the original CBS building. In spite of no longer having gainful employment, I still felt proud that I had been allowed to make a creative contribution to the network I had grown up with… I took pride in being part of a network that always seemed to be rife with crazy, interesting, brash women, from Mary Tyler Moore and Rhoda, to Maude, to Murphy Brown, to the Designing Women. Many of these female characters paved the way for women to be single, to pursue careers and equal pay and to lead to rich, romantic lives with reproductive rights.”


Why do “feminists” feel it necessary to use their SEX and sometimes COLOUR as their TRUMP card? Ha ha, see the pun that I made there?

The article continues to discuss of how Moonves produced mainly male-dominated series and then attacks him based on the recent accusations of sexual harassment. She discusses her anger. Her pain. And concludes the “article” with: “And as for you, Mr. Moonves, in spite of the fact that I was raised to be a proper Southern female, and with your acknowledgement that I have never, in my life, spoken a single cross word to you, despite the way you treated me, may I simply say, channeling my finest Julia Sugarbaker delivery: ‘Go fuck yourself!'”

I am so glad, that 30 years later, she is writing about not earning success at NBC using defaming statements about a man whose professional name is now trashed because of women who couldn’t hold their own in the workplace.

This woman did not swim. SHE SUNK. She blames her failure in life on something that she accepted 30 years ago. Gwendolyn is NOT a loud-mouthed, finger-pointing, entitled, pussy-grabbing-back feminist.