My name is Nicole Marie Story. I believe in human perfection and strive for that state in everything that I do. This blog is a seven-year documentary on crushing an eating disorder and living joyfully. It is the first of its kind on Earth, covering the hard work and hustle required to find peace with food, exercise, and body image after 17 years of disordered eating, with a yo-yo weight ranging from 89 to 181 pounds during that 17-year period.

I began writing publicly on the fifth of June 2011 (Bonjour). Every two years, I accomplished a grand stride in my crushing of the eating disorder, so I deleted the current blog, replacing it with something new (FindingMyYoga and YogaSophisticate).  I wanted to hide the ugly posts. I wanted to hide the imperfections. I wanted to present myself, in the current state only. It is only in retrospect, after listening to Gary Vaynerchuk for the past year, that I see how my process can be valuable to someone living with eating disordered behaviors. Thusly, I found my content archives, and in reading these posts, I experienced the greatest therapy of my life! Wow! I have CRUSHED MY EATING DISORDER, and the blog was instrumental in that action. Additionally, the posts are a treasure chest of Gwendolyn adventures. Thusly, for the past four months, I have worked ARDUOUSLY to reconstruct the old posts. This was like restoring an old car. Labour intensive!

The restore is complete, and I hereby offer my past to the world. This is the past which has yielded my present state of perfection. Yes, I believe that I am the most perfect human that I can be. I practice Ashtanga yoga. I cycle passionately with my OnePeloton friends. My baby girl and heart is a dog named Gwendolyn; and together, we write stories to help humans, to entertain humans, and to make this Earth a better place.

In addition to dedicating myself to this blog, I am becoming a media company for my personal brand. The year of 2018 shall bring fitness modeling, food and product endorsements, and eating disorder counseling. Additionally, I am publishing a book on bulimia, yoga, and life with my dog. My plan is to self-publish, but if you can make me an offer that I cannot refuse, then I shall enjoy working with you.

Thank you for reading about the new side hustle.

I shall be honoured if you decide to share my work.