Becky tempted me yesterday. She made me want to behave like a very bad girl. And oh I did.

It all started when she called at ten o’clock in the morning. “I’m a bachelorette today!”

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“My husband’s gone! So I can play!”


Always the wild one, Becky never fails to surprise.

“Right this very moment, I’m stuffing my face with a pizza!”

As she moaned sounds of pizza pleasure (vegan by Daiya), my own stomach, on the biggest Tae Bo Yoga Girl kick ever, began to growl like a bear! Growl! And I wanted something for the very first time since February thirteenth. A tofu burrito! “Do I really want to put something dirty into my body?” I asked myself. Hell yes. 🙂

When Becky began gushing about the hot chocolate chip cookies she began baking, I decided that dinner would be something hot, too. Pizza!

Vegan Cheese Lover’s by Daiya.

A jalapeño martini!

Here’s looking at you, Gwendolyn!

She didn’t care about my look.

She cared only of her hot organic broccoli.

Uh oh! One had fallen!

Gwendolyn saved the day. 😉

Our naughty day continued, accompanied by the hot Robin Right of House of Cards. Here she is, playing the US Ambassador to the United Nations, addressing the Russian Ambassador. What a perfect body.

And here she is again, returning home as First Lady, speaking to her sexy husband, the powerful president, Frank Underwood.

Both of these scenes are very steamy, in an undertone kind of way. Best season yet of House of Cards.

The night concluded to match Becky… two hours of cleaning! Scrubbing floors! Cleaning surface areas! Making everything perfect. So naughty, I know.

Now that bachelorette day is over, we’re onto clean girl Thursday!

Raw, live foods until dinner! A six-day alcohol fast! And word 11,001 of our book!

Have a good day, and namaste!!!!!!!!!

What are the details of your last naughty day?