Today is incredible! Incredible incredible incredible. Yes, I exclaim that fact in Jan Brady, “Marcia Marcia Marcia” style. Ha! Everything happened according to plan, and I accomplished 28.86 miles on the Peloton, yielding a 2018 current production of 72.16 miles, yielding a remaining 5,927.84 miles to go fo Project #PelotonYoga18K which I am doing with my yoga sisters @cece.carson and @helenehopyoga. Eighteen thousand miles between we the yogini three in 2018!!

Ride one, with the divine Nicole Meline who is no longer with Peloton, but her rides rank as golden nuggets in the Peloton On Demand treasure chest.

AND, only because I have a beautiful amazing, did I mention amazing?, Peloton BFF known as #WillRide4Cosmos did I complete a second ride. Erica zoomed home from doing her domestic duties of grocery shopping (lol!), announcing a late arrival to our ride, but she was going to be there!! Thusly, I was there, too. It was the hip hop ride by Robin. And when Robin plays Biggie and your Pelo BFF is present, you are happy. 🙂

I am also happy because the negative commentary are registering to my blog. If you are a dedicated reader of my websites over the past seven years, you know that people write shit things. In the beginning, it was because I was a total shit-head myself. I wanted to sell the unsellable on my way of living. I wanted to have everyone endorse my “ex-bulimic” lifestyle and praise me for it. But I approached the readership in the wrong way. I was combative. I was combative. I was combative. It took a few years to take my chill pill, to find my happiness, to kill my 17-year eating disorder (which I thought was killed on the inception of my blog on 5 of June 2011 with my first post entitled Bonjour but it really took another six years to accomplish divine health)… but somehow, someway, I’ve managed to maintain a dedicated, interested readership, and with this new blog being announced just less than a month ago, it seems that everyone is back on board.

Today several nasty comments populated.

And I want to discuss that.

I want to hereby announce that EVERY SINGLE NEGATIVE COMMENT IS TAKEN TO HEART although it matters not to me, in the long scheme. I read each comment and value it grandly. Because why? Not because I am second guessing myself. But rather, because these negative comments make my heart exist as more compassionate to the humans who exist in a place of being mean. It makes me be a more patient, more caring, more understanding human.

Today someone insisted that I looked as “haggard.” Today someone insisted that I am “autistic” because I do not sit still. Today someone insisted that I have a poor style of communication.

Mind you, I am confidentAF, so I do not second question myself. But I do sit quietly, absorbing these comments, and it makes me completely more compassionate to the general population, and it simply makes my heart and brain yield a greater state of happiness.

Isn’t this funny? 🙂

Oh yes, also, I want to comment on the negative Peloton comments! I bought my Peloton life almost two years ago, and I recall reading feedback that the instructors were “full of themselves” and said things that were intended to be inspirational but were not such. I SHALL TELL YOU THIS!! Each and every damn word from each and every Peloton instructor has been nothing but pure golden inspirational love. Complete absolute LOVE. And, stationed at 9881.88999999999 miles completed since 15 March 2016, I am speechless. My favourite # is 9 and it aligns with perfection. Today is the most perfect day on Earth.

Gwendolyn wore an outfit from 2009. 🙂 She is so thin and fab! 🙂 (She used to be fat).

Oh yes, and we had some yoga after the bike riding. But around Prasarita Padattanasana A, Gwendolyn called my BLUFF. 🙂