I am smiling so very widely that I feel higher than the highest skyscraper on Earth!

I am sending to you endorphin-decorated kissy kissies featuring my very special Peloton sweat, ha ha ha! Lucky ducky you. Or, lucky ducky yinz, as most humans would say in Pittsburgh.

Just a fortnight ago, stationed at 223 miles to go, I was challenged to complete 5,000 Peloton miles before year 2018 arrival, by my dashingly handsome yoga friend Tom on Instagram; and, based on my then current average output of 12 miles per day plus my crazy December schedule, THERE COULD BE NO WAY!! But then Tom offered me a pressie, and the challenge therefore existed as ON, like Donkey Kong. I LOVE PRESSIES. And challenges. And winning. And being the best that I can be.

I wrote about it here: 5,000 Miles.

And then I accomplished it two nights ago, four days ahead of schedule. 🙂

Damn, over 250 miles accomplished in two weeks. On a busy schedule. That is hardcore.

And yes, I am NOT DONE.

It is Friday, with two days to go! I am stationed at 5,031 miles for 2017; 9,774 miles for my entire Peloton experience spanning 21 months. Incredible.

In the background of my Peloton work is hardcore love. I had no annual mileage goal until two weeks ago. I simply road nonchalantly to compliment my yoga practice. It’s insane that so many miles racked whilst I had loving fun! Additionally, with regard to love, this year I “sold” bikes to my besties on Instagram, two athletically beautiful girls whom I have never hugged physically but hug everyday virtually!! And two days ago? 🙂 @cece.carson celebrated her 100th ride!! And yesterday? @helenehopyoga celebrated her 100th!!

It was a privilege and honour to participate in their accomplishments. I am a lucky girl. Chockfull of gratefulness for the company that I keep!!

Cece posted this.

Hélène posted this.

Gorgeous babes. They are so incredibly beautiful! Speaking of beautiful, the manner in which they affect my general well being is astounding. For instance, Cece’s presentation of yesterday’s Chicago Lab yoga assignment caused me to ALMOST touch the floor with my feet! It was only this year that I could muster the courage to chin stand and touch my head. And now we’re almost to the floor?! Incredible on how much progress I’ve made. I am so proud!

And another big accomplishment for 2017 is Omkarasana. I had not, before Wednesday, accomplished the galavasana foot hook! I almost could not believe that it happened! Was fully expecting to take a bakasana variant but WOA! It was ALL IN THE CORE. It felt like climbing a rope. Once you have that flight, you just dart straight upward! Whop whop!!

I shall close this post with an amazing comment submitted by my dashingly handsome and heroic friend named Peter Dickerson. He wrote the following on my Peloton work:

“As we discussed, this is an average of 22 kms per day, every day, for the whole year. It is a lot. Especially on a stationary bike where there is no drafting, coasting down hills, or very occasionally getting the wind at your back. It is a Dagny Taggart level achievement. You are insane.”

A perfect comment.

A perfect year.

So excited for 2018!