Whoa baby! Last week, I posted this to my Instagram story:

My handsome friend @tomtoppingntf immediately messaged me with, “Must get to 5K! Get busy!!” I honestly had no goal for this year other than to ride consistently, so this great mileage report took me by surprise! I am ferociously busy between now and year-end, and achieving 5K would mean riding more than my usual production, so I asked Tom if he will reward me for accomplishing 5K. He replied with a list of potential rewards.

Thus I committed.

Ha ha ha!

What can I say? I love a challenge! And I love pressies!

And as of this morning, I have just 83 miles to go.

Eight days left. I average 12 miles per day when riding regularly. This means that a potential of 96 more miles shall be ridden. This means, as of this morning, I have upped my goal from 5K to 5,009.

Yea, I’m nuts.  CompetitiveAF.

This morning, following Jennifer Jacob’s low impact ride, I questioned my sanity when hopping on for a second ride, this time with Ally Love. But then I noticed that my girl @cece.carson too appeared on the leaderboard for an encore ride, and I felt the girl power! AND when Ally Love announced that Jennifer Jacobs was riding in studio, I felt super duper girl power and pedalled my little heart out.

Such a divine sweaty morning with my girls!!!!!!!!!

And the yoga practice that followed:

92 miles to go!

Ho ho ho!