I lust after very few things. For two years, it was yoga. For my whole life, it was to control my body. And, for the past year, it’s been to ride my bicycle to Whole Foods. In all three scenarios, I had no plan because I didn’t think it was achievable. I simply fantasised. And life continued forward, same bat time, same bat channel.

This was, of course, until I discovered that a friend, Mr. Bicycle, did it. The Whole Foods part, that is. When I learned of his achievement, it blew my mind. Every single day, watching the hipsters climb Liberty Avenue in search of the greatest food on Earth, sitting in my automobile, my legs were jealous, my adventurous brain annoyed at my fear, and my bicycle lonely, sitting at home without a yoga girl to ride it. I was scared of the traffic, of the steep incline, and of plain jane not being able to do it! Also, I didn’t want to parade around on a bicycle as a fat girl. But when I see someone that I respect doing something, I’ll be damned if I can’t do it, too, if it’s something that I want. So, with hypothetical butterflies in my stomach, I set off!

Starting in the Strip District, I noticed magnificent things in a new, Flashdance girl kind of way. The History Center!

Wholey’s. A Pittsburgh forever!

The Sixteenth Street Bridge. I love bridges!

Costume World. There’s a story with Costume World. I’ll tell you some day.

No martinis today, Kaya! But I’ll see you soon! 😉

I wonder if a chubby man would dare to eat here. And what is thin?


Industry. Heart.

And now for my favourite 34th Street in the world. (to see the first: My Little Miracle on 34th Street).

It is my second favourite because 34th Street means a connection to Liberty Avenue, the steep road that will take me to Whole Foods!

Swearing in delight and astonishment that my bike went right up Liberty, I was achieving the greatest state of pleasure that any human being knew at that moment.

The Bloomfield Bridge Tavern. Here I want to mention something from a safety perspective. Many times, all of which I’m now very ashamed, I used this bicycle lane, driving an automobile. I thought, “There aren’t any bikes! It’s all mine!” WRONG. Honestly, I thought that was the law. But it’s not. Obey the bike lanes, people. It’s a new thing for Pittsburgh, and they’ll be ALL OVER starting in September. In fact, Oakland is getting bicycle traffic signals. Yay!

Traveling in the bike lane through Bloomfield, I was super excited for two little peripheral reasons!

1.) I’d get VIP status through the blocked section of the street fair. No motor vehicles! But yes to bicycles! 😉


I like to consider myself as a Little Italian, so it was a perfect scenario. By the way, the hipster up ahead? I chased him for some time until I dropped my mobile needing to return for it. Thank you, military version of the OttterBox for saving my mobile. I am so clumsy. 🙂

Entering East Liberty!

OMG I made it. So excited. And proud. And exhilarated. Waiting for the store to open, I called Becky, “How did I do this?” … “You’ve been training, knucklehead!” She makes me smile:)

Very neat. A bicycle station. I learnt yesterday that one exists at the Lawrenceville HQ of Pedal Pittsburgh and another at the Third Street bicycle station. So if you need air or repair, do know where these stations exist!

The first human through the doors!!! Yay!!!

Ah! The beautiful section of Prepared Foods.

And here is where I’ll tell you about National Sandwich Month! Yes, that is August! A month to celebrate sandwiches! I’ve been celebrating, secretly, waiting for the perfect moment to celebrate National Sandwich Month with my blog readers! And what better occasion than my epic ride to WHOLE FOODS the maker of my wholesome sandwiches?!?!?! 😉 So I ordered the best sandwich in all of the land: Vegan BLT.

Yes, I even asked my wonderful sandwich artist, Kevin, to smile for the picture (he was well informed of this upcoming blog post!). Presenting the final masterpiece, he said, “I made it look like a museum piece.” OMG:)

And then, I was back on my merry way!

Preparing for my ascent from Shadyside to Squirrel Hill!

From Squirrel Hill to Homestead!


This is the same bridge that I observed when shopping for a little dress. It is no longer the road more traveled. It is now my bicycle lane. 🙂 Here I wanted to capture the railroad tracks below, so I hopped onto the little wall, standing above it all.

Also, a little secret, I used this point in the ride to practice yoga! The rail, my ballet bar, I threw my leg up there and did gorgeous stretches. This bridge shall no longer be the Homestead Grays Bridge. It shall be my Yoga Bridge. 😉 And then I took off again!

The shops and the movie theatre and the smokestacks!

Descending to the Waterfront, spotting my favourite sign of industry on Earth.

And the smokestacks, decorated with a bicycle.

“M.W. Kellogg Company New York. Keep Inside Of Chimney Clean.” Doesn’t this make you want to learn all about the company? I googled it and learned. And I wonder if Ayn Rand wrote her Owen Kellogg character after this.

Back to the trail!

Great Allegheny Passage. Something about those words excite me.

I chased this man for a bit. Early to mid 60s and very fit.

Until I spotted this. It reminded me of Hank Rearden, necessitating a star gaze.

Welcome to the City of Pittsburgh!

Hot Metal Bridge, facing East.

Another happy selfie! Why does my hair look shorter here? 🙂

That crane = art.

The Fountain… I wonder of the stories of everyone surrounding the fountain always.

And the North Side.

I felt thrilled afterward.

Holy cow! The sandwich! I’d forgotten!!! How could one ever forget about National Sandwich Month?! I suppose when one is high on riding, it is possible!

I didn’t tell Kevin the sandwich guy this, but before leaving Whole Foods, I needed to remove his beautiful packaging because it was too bulky for my bag. So I shoved it into a Whole Foods bag for protection on the ride home. And it stayed rather nicely.

Vegan BLT by Whole Foods.

Now that you know about National Sandwich Month, please share!! What is your favourite sandwich, and how will you celebrate? Have a good day, and namaste. 🙂