This week in particular, everyone is mindfully grateful for something. I am particularly grateful for the amazing humans in my life. The generosity, kindness, and beauty surrounding the family that I have made for myself never ceases to knock the wind from my lungs. Yesterday whilst completing my third consistent day back in the Ashtanga yoga saddle in nearly one year (I became obsessive with the Peloton bike in 2018, stupidly replacing my yoga with cycling – a habit that I am working hard to fix), it occurred to me that whilst I am living this peaceful life from before sunrise to after sunset, I am coming under fire at my blog by people who mean nothing to me, who know nothing about me, and who simply want to get under my skin. Firstly, they get under my skin not. Secondly, it hit me suddenly that I am investing my time replying to their commentary because why? Because, well, I am a perfectionist, and I want for everything to be checked off as perfect. But the discussions serve me with zero value. Why do I care if you agree or disagree with me, and why do I care to engage your comment? And, when I am 93-years old, will I regret investing my time in these discussions? Yes, I shall! Although I appreciate your readership very much because it keeps my blog as relevant and high in the search engines for someone seeking help with their eating disorder or other unwanted behaviour, I am hereby choosing to disengage. From this point forward, from this divine date of the 20th of November of 2018, I hereby withdraw from the discussions at my blog. The discussions will serve as a place for my readers to interact. If you want to ask me questions on my content, then I shall gladly include you in the press conferences that I shall hold in 2019. To be eligible for inclusion in my press conferences, please tweet me publicly @yogaballerina, and I shall consider your request. Include your name, reason for subscribing to my blog, and your question. Use the hashtag of #YogaBallerinaPressCon. Jim Acosta need not apply.

A bit of an update on my big projects.

  1. The remainder of my 2018 is dedicated to editing of my divine autobiography, also my first book to be published.
  2. My return to the blog, to social media, to my podcast, and to the internet is 1 January. I shall spend this entire month of January creating content!
  3. My book launch is 5 February.
  4. My children’s book shall launch in 2020.
  5. My second non-fiction book will launch in late 2020, pre-Christmas (why is it called non-fiction? sounds so negative! it should be called “reality).
  6. My third reality book is in the works.

My Gwendolyn is doing amazingly. We have been tumour free since February, and I attribute this to her Essiac tea, raw goat milk, and potent concoction of Chinese herbs. She walks five to 10 miles daily at her divine age of 11 years, 1 month, and 9 days. I am so grateful for her health.

And that is all for now!

Thank you for reading.

Happy Thanksgiving.