Happy New Year! Announcing project #PelotonYoga18K. What does this mean? It means that I am riding a collective of 18,000 Peloton miles in 2018 with my yoga sisters @cece.carson and @helenehopyoga whom I met on Instagram.

Through our deep yoga bond, we developed a deep #OnePeloton bond, discovering our strengths as a team and family, on and off of the yoga mat and bicycle. Thusly, using our strengths on the bike in 2018, we shall ride together, accomplishing 18,000 miles as a team!

Our work shall be documented at our individual blogs and at Instagram. Please follow my Instagram account here: Nicole Marie Story Instagram.

Additionally, we have each selected a beautiful charity to be the recipient of donations received in support of our bicycle work. I have chosen the 412 Food Rescue because wasted food and hungry humans should not exist. The group’s mission: “To prevent perfectly good food from entering the waste stream.” Food and hunger are very important subjects to me, because for many years, I wasted food with my bulimic behaviours. During those bulimic years, whilst I stuffed my face with thousands of calories on binges, there existed hungry people who could not so much as eat breakfast. That always bothered me. Now I am working hard to help these causes, and I shall be so honoured if you choose to sponsor my mileage. Please visit my fundraiser page here: Nicole Marie Story Fundraiser Page. All donations funnel directly from you, to GoFundMe, to the rescue.

I am so divinely grateful for your love and support. I am so excited to tackle this amazing project with my Peloton Yoga sisters. Let us please make this a great year for the 412 Food Rescue and for the charities as selected by my girls! Hooray for #PelotonYoga18K. Namaste.