Good evening! Yesterday I announced #PelotonYoga18K which is a passionate pledge to ride 18,000 miles in 2018, collectively, with my girls Cece and Hélène, raising money for three divine charities. My blog traffic earned a second place trophy for number of unique visits in seven years of writing! WOA. I am so excited and grateful about the excitement which you have shown regarding this pledge.

And, it’s been an incredible two days of riding.

I accomplished 17.56 miles yesterday, on New Year’s Day, with a warrior ride by Nicole Meline. Gosh, her rides qualify as belonging to a treasure chest. I am not certain if I’d rather owning her On Demand library forever or winning of the PowerBall. Her work is that damn good.

And, this morning, to celebrate fellow rider #GeneralZod’s 600th ride and second year Pelo-versary, I rode Robin’s Tabata. Normally I only agree to Robin’s Tabata when drinking martinis on the night before, but this commitment was different. Completely sober. And completely with pure love! #YogaBallerina wanted to be there, to celebrate her teammates (#OneBuffalo also celebrated with his 500th ride), thusly #YogaBallerina showed at Starbucks at 5am (check my Instagram for the story, LOL), and the ride was freaking INCREDIBLE. I noticed that my uncle appeared on the LeaderBoard, so I closed it immediately!! Rewind to Christmas Day when I spied my aunt on the LeaderBoard. It was officially the worst ride of my life. I blew out my legs, lungs, abs, heart, BRAIN!!… because I could not allow for her to beat me. Mind you, she is nearly 20 years my senior but she’s athleticAF, and I could not be beaten, on Christmas Day by the workout queen who introduced me to Jane Fonda in the 1980s. I won, of course, but did I really? It was a terrible ride! Ha ha ha. My uncle does not trigger me like does my aunt, but I wanted to get it out of my sight, just in case mid ride competitive jitters appeared. And my body performed like a MACHINE. I was so shocked at my output. Class LOVE. What a talented amazing entertaining strong instructor. Thank you, Robin. Salute!

And because our team’s commitment of 18,000 miles means approximately 6,000 miles per girl, which means 16.44 miles per day, if we ride every single day of the year, I needed to do more, only because I want to get ahead so that I can chill out, a few days in this year. 🙂 When my Pelo BFF #WillRide4Cosmos declared that she would be riding Jess King’s low impact ride at 18:30, I committed. I am so grateful to my Pelo BFF because if I hadn’t committed, then I would have existed at 11.94 miles less than where I currently stand.

It was a fabulous ride. I allowed my legs to breathe and to run and to enjoy! If I had not arrived almost two minutes tardy (because I was practicing yoga), then I would have cleared 12 miles. 🙂

Because of Peloton, I can breathe in my yoga practice. Do you love my new boots? 😉

And more fun pictures for you!

Gwendolyn kills xmas toys as her side hustle. 🙂

I love my Protein Puck bars so damn much that they require to appear in selfies. 🙂

Best friends know when you need some loving. And BFFs Becky and Bella loved us today, in arctic freaking temps! Here we existed, hiding for just a few minutes for warmth! We were so determined to exercise our baby girls, resulting with a 45-minute walk session. It was divine. How do Gwendolyn and I love Becky and Bella, let us please count the ways! (or not counting, because we are too busy hustling, ha ha ha!).

And. MY. NEW. FAVOURITE. SALAD. ON. EARTH. By Reed & Co. “Kale Miso Salad: kale, red cabbage, sunflower seeds, golden raisins, and miso tahini dressing.” And it is only $5!! He should raise the cost by $2 because I would pay it. Amazing quality. Delicious. A perfect snack. But don’t raise the price, please. 🙂

Tonight’s martini!

That’s all for now! Thank you so much for your love and support of this #PelotonYoga18KProject. It is amazing to be a member of this effort. I love you, Peloton!

Namaste. 🙂